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Duke Nukem Trilogy
Developer(s) Frontline Studios
Publisher(s) Deep Silver, Apogee Software LLC
Series Duke Nukem
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable,
Release date(s) March 31, 2010?[1]
Genre(s) 3D platform game
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Media UMD, Nintendo DS Game Card, R4 Card

Duke Nukem Trilogy (DNT) is an upcoming 3D platformer video game compilation co-published by Apogee Software and Deep Silver for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. The Trilogy is being developed by a Polish developer, Frontline Studios. The games announced to be included in the compilation include Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction, and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds.

The three games will also have what Apogee calls "multi-mode". Where players switch between third-person over the shoulder, first person, isometric, and side scrolling views. At the moment this action is directed.

A four-minute trailer was shown at E3 2008, in which there is no gameplay footage, but rather a series of logos and game-related art.[2]

Recently a post at the official 3D-realms site mentioned that the Duke Nukem Trilogy will consist of three games released one at a time. Each game has its own title, the first being "Critical Mass". Each title will have its own setting, from the future to World War II, etc. While the Trilogy ends with World War II, the first entry, Critical Mass, begins with Duke in the future. The second title, Chain Reaction, takes Duke in the present day. It's not until the last game, Proving Grounds, that the action takes place in World War II.

A video that contains screenshots from both the DS and PSP versions,[3] as well as a video with gameplay from both versions,[4] were released in March of 2009. There is a Leaked video of Duke Nukem Critical Mass for DS, it came out on November 27, 2009.




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