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Duksung Women's University
Hangul 덕성여자대학교
Hanja 德成女子大學校
Revised Romanization Deokseong Yeoja Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Tŏksŏng Yŏja Taehakkyo

Duksung Women's University is a private university in Seoul, South Korea.



At the undergraduate level, courses of study are provided through five colleges: Humanities, Natural Science, Pharmacy, Social Science, and Art and Design.

A variety of specialized graduate courses are also offered.


The main campus is situated in Dobong-gu, a district of northern Seoul. It is close to both Bukhan Mountain and Dobong Mountain. The continuing education center is located at the former campus location, on the site of the Unhyeongung palace.


The school was first established in 1920, as part of the drive for improved education which arose out of the March 1st Movement. Its founder was Cha Mirisa (차미리사, 1880-1955), an educator and leader of the Joseon Women's Education Society. At the time it was known as the Geunhwa Academy. Because the name Geunhwa (근화, 槿花) refers to the Korean national flower, it was changed to "Duksung" under pressure from Japanese authorities in 1938.

Duksung was officially founded as a college, on the site of the Unhyeongung palace, in 1950. During this same year, on May, 17 Duksung Woman's Junior College was established. As well as, the opening of a department of Korean literature and a department of domestic science. Dr. Song Geum-seon took the office as the 1st president of the school. It became a four-year college in 1952. In 1984, the main campus was moved to its present location in Dobong-gu. The college became a university in 1987.

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