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Type Private
Founded London, 1915
Founder(s) Stephen O'Kennedy
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Employees 5000
Parent SSL International
Website Durex.com
A box of Durex Fetherlite condoms

Durex is the trademarked name for a range of condoms made by British company SSL International.

The name, which the London Rubber Company trademarked in 1929, is a portmanteau of "Durability, Reliability, and Excellence", though some people mistake it as being "Durable Latex" or "During Sex".[1]

Durex condoms represent around one quarter of the global market for prophylactic sheaths, manufacturing around one billion units per year in 17 factories worldwide.[citation needed] Durex condoms are the most popular brand of condoms in the UK.[citation needed] The Durex range includes nine varieties of latex condom, including the Sheik and Ramses brands popular for decades in North America,[2] and the Avanti condom, the first male condom made from polyurethane. Polyurethane condoms do not suffer from "latex rot", and are suited for users who have an allergic reaction to latex (a common occurrence and one which until now had not been responded to).

In August 2007, Durex announced that it expected to launch a new line of condoms that will help men get a firmer erection and increase penis size. The condoms will contain a gel in the tip that dilates arteries and increases blood flow to the penis.[3]

Durex condoms was declared the runner-up of the most account sales of condoms in the United States, with Trojan condoms being #1.[4]


Durex Play Mousse, a lubricant gel designed for specific used over the Durex condom range for easier penetration should NOT be placed in contact with the chemical KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) as it rapidly combusts and depending on the amount of gel in contact with KMnO4 will either catch fire or melt. Several medical cases have shown a few types of vaginal lubricant contain KMnO4 and should not be mixed with the mousse.


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  1. (British) A brand of condom; sometimes used as a generic term for a condom.
  2. (Australian) A brand of adhesive tape; sometimes used as the generic term for adhesive tape.

Usage notes

  • Given the very different meanings in the UK and Australia, confusion (or worse) can arise when natives of one country use this term in the other.
  • Use of "Durex" as a generic term for adhesive tape has declined markedly in Australia in recent years as the brand is no longer sold there, and in fact the condom brand is widely available and marketed in that country. Durex is rarely used as a generic terms for condoms in Australia however.


  • Anagrams of derux
  • redux




  1. (Quebec, trademark) A brand of adhesive tape.


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