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EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is an Australian and New Zealand financial network for processing credit cards, debit cards and charge card payments at "Point of Sale" and transacting at ATMs.[1] EFTPOS also allows users of the system to withdraw cash at the time of purchasing a product or service through the merchant's EFTPOS terminal.[2] This functionality is called debit card cashback in other countries.



The name and logo for EFTPOS in Australia were originally owned by the National Australia Bank and were trade marks from 1986 until 1991[3]. In April 2009 a company was setup to manage and promote EFTPOS - "EFTPOS Payments Australia"[4]. The initial members of EFTPOS Payments Australia are:


There are over 60,000 participating EFTPOS outlets in Australia [5] and 665,054 EFTPOS terminals[6] as of March 2009. In 2008, Australian EFTPOS terminals were responsible for 144.6 million transactions[7] worth $ 9.8 billion AUD[8] per month.


The EFT network in Australia is made up of seven proprietary networks in which peers have interchange agreements, making an effective single network[9]. Some of these peers include:

Other organisations may have peering agreements with the one or more of the central peers.

The network uses the AS 2805 protocol.

Other usage

European banks and card companies also sometimes reference "EFTPOS" as the system used for processing card transactions through terminals on points of sale, though the system is not the trademarked Australian/New Zealand variant.


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  1. (chiefly Australia / NZ) Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale.

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