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GCN: The People Network
Type Religious broadcasting
Country United States of America
Founded by Randall and Adrienne Weiss
Broadcast area national
Affiliates (see below)
Official Website

EICB TV, is a Christian religious broadcast and production company, based in Cedar Hill, Texas. EICB owns multiple small translator and LPTV stations in various US markets. The company is owned by Randall and Adrienne Weiss, doing business as "EICB-TV East LLC" and "EICB-TV West LLC". The EICB acronym stands for "Excellence in Christian Broadcasting".

The stations operate primarily as a satellite-fed repeater chain rebroadcasting Global Christian Network,[1] a Georgia-based religious broadcaster available nationally on AMC4 Ku-band free-to-air satellite.



EICB has implemented a vigorous expansion program since 2006, based largely on acquiring existing licenses and construction permits for small outlying UHF repeaters, then building new analog or digital facilities as needed to improve the reach of these signals. EICB stations [2] listed by the FCC as being currently on-air include:

Station Location Channel Power
Former owner Acquisition date Price
K20IM Barstow, California 20 200 Michael Mintz
Laurie Mintz
Howard Mintz
Julie Mintz
Amanda Orrick1
May 2008 $92,7301
(as block of construction permits)
K33IX-D (CP)
Rock Springs, Wyoming 24, DT33 7280 May 2008 1
K30GV Shoshoni, Wyoming 30 n/a
K30IU Grand Junction, Colorado 30 4090 May 2008 1
K34II Butte, Montana 34 7280 Sean Mintz August 2008 $3,260
K40IJ-D Manhattan, Kansas 40 4450 May 2008 1
Pittsburg, Kansas 41 9000 May 2008 1
K34IT-D (CP)
Bismarck, North Dakota 43 7280 May 2008 1
K43KJ-D (CP)
Lawton, Oklahoma3 43 2000 May 2008 1
Billings, Montana 45
(CP: 44, DT45)
14160 May 2008 1
K42IM-D (CP)
Minot, North Dakota 47 4450 May 2008 1
K50IP Hobbs, New Mexico 50 5000 May 2008 1
K51JM-D (CP)
Billings, Montana3 51 50 May 2008 1
K68GT Eureka, California 68 11220 May 2008 1
Greenville/Paris, Texas 51 2000 Matthew Murillo Jr. December 2006 $20,000
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 39 250 US Interactive LLC July 2007 4
Warrenton, Oregon 51 2000 US Interactive LLC July 2007 4
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 33 5000 US Interactive July 2007 $10,000
Minneapolis, Minnesota 28 15000 Michael John Sullivan July 2007 $8,500
Redding, California2 29 7 Mark C. Allen Productions October 2006 $20,000[3]
KQSX-LP Redding, California2 42 850 Mark C. Allen Productions Feb 2008 $6000
KTBV-LD Bakersfield, California 12 n/a
St. Cloud/Royalton, Minnesota DT 30 2000 Michael John Sullivan July 2007 $3,000
KUOT-CA Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 19 32700 n/a
Redding, California 4, 8 10
Paul Strieby
Matt Tuter
May 2007 $20,000
Ocean City, Maryland 69 10470 May 2008 1
Pensacola, Florida3 46 115000 Global Outreach Ministry Network October 2006 $37,500
Buxton, North Carolina 50 1000 US Interactive LLC July 2007 4
WTKJ-LP Watertown/Philadelphia NY 19 6300 Tammy M. Celenza June 2007 $7000

Construction permits for additional stations active as of 2008 as:

Location Channel Power
Acquisition date
K28JE Bend, Oregon 28 2000 May 20081
K32HB Manhattan, Kansas 32 4000 May 20081
K38JD Durango, Colorado 38 1000 May 20081,5
Flagstaff, Arizona 42 15000[4] May 20081
K45JA Hobbs, New Mexico 45 200 May 20081
K50JI North Platte, Nebraska 50 5000 May 20081
Jackson, Wyoming 30 1000 July 20074
W23DF Salisbury, Maryland 23 15000 May 20081
W31CX Bangor, Maine 31 5000 May 20081
W42DD Meridian, Mississippi 42 10000 May 20081
W69EP Georgetown, Delaware 69 15000 May 20081


  1. Acquisition of analogue construction permits for multiple low-power television stations as one $90k bundle in May 2008; no individual prices for each station indicated.[5] Many but not all of the Mintz stations have now been built; the rest are under construction.
  2. KQSX-LP is currently on-air at low power but holds a construction permit to upgrade to 11kW digital on its existing channel in Redding, California per FCC records; an application is also on file to upgrade KMSX-LD 29.
  3. This station holds a construction permit to transition to digital television on its existing channel.
  4. One of a block of four stations purchased from US Interactive at a total price of $28,000[6]
  5. EICB TV has obtained an FCC construction permit for a 200-watt digital station in Purgatory.[7]

Digital transition

As EICB TV is structured as a series of low-power stations, its analogue transmitters are not required to transition to digital broadcasting when full-power stations do so in 2009.

Various stations in this group have already applied to convert to digital on their existing channel assignments, increase power or relocate closer to the center of a broadcast market, but all of these measures are voluntary.


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