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eMedicine is an online clinical medical knowledge base that was founded in 1996 by Scott Plantz and Richard Lavely, two medical doctors. It was sold to WebMD in January 2006.[1] The site is a free, open source textbook, contributed to by more than 10,000 contributors with more than 6,500 articles. Operated as an e-book, it is divided into chapters and can be downloaded into a palm top device.[2] The site's coverage of dermatology has been described as excellent and comprehensive, with continuous learning questions that accompany each chapter. It was originally conceived as an emergency medicine textbook but its mandate has expanded considerably since then to include dermatology, internal medicine, sports medicine, surgery as well as other specialities.[3] It is web-based[4]


A recent study showed that 12% of radiology residents used eMedicine as their first source when doing research on the Internet.[5]

Another study ranking 114 sites rated it the second-highest Internet-based source of information for pediatric neuro-oncology, after the site of the National Cancer Institute.[6]


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