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ESPN College Football is a promotion of NCAA Division I FBS NCAA football on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN on ABC, ESPN Classic, and ESPNU. ESPN College Football debuted in 1982.


Coverage overview

ESPN College Football consists of four to five games a week, with ESPN College Football Primetime, which airs at 7:30 on Thursdays. Saturday includes ESPN College Football Noon at 12:00 Saturday, a 3:30 or 4:30 game that isn't shown on a weekly basis, and ESPN College Football Primetime on Saturday. A Sunday game, Sunday Showdown, was added for the first half of 2006 to make up for the loss of Sunday Night Football to NBC.


Major conference rights

ACC, Big Ten, Big East, Conference USA, MAC, SEC, Sun Belt, WAC, and Army.


In recent years, ESPN and ESPN2 air games at noon, which usually includes a Big Ten game. Both networks also air primetime games, typically featuring teams from the ACC and/or SEC.

With the expansion of ESPN, including multiple networks and outlets, their coverage has likewise increased. In 2005, with the creation of ESPNU, over 300 games were aired on its networks.[1][2]

In 2007, the ESPN family of networks aired over 450 games. Also, they aired a weekly game on ESPN Radio for the first time ever.[3] ESPN started that season with 25 hours of college football programming.[4]

Also, ESPNU has rapidly increased the coverage of spring intermural team scrimmages with entire programs dedicated to this phenomenon.[5] In 2008, ESPN aired College GameDay from Florida Field prior to their spring scrimmage game.[6]

Starting with the 2007 season, ESPN began sublicensing games from Fox Sports Net, with the Big 12 Conference[7] (later extended until 2009)[8] and with the Pac 10 Conference.[9] However, the games cannot air during the “reverse mirror” slot.

ESPN owns the BCS television rights including the Championship Game beginning with the 2010-11 season.[10]

During the 2008 season, ESPN aired over 400 games.[11]


  • College Football Live- Daily program during the season and weekly show in the offseason
  • College Gameday- Weekly show (in-season) from the site of the biggest day of the game and/or significance
  • College Football Final- Saturday show reviewing the highlights of the days and the biggest stories
ESPNU programs

Former programs

  • Thursday GameNight (formerly the Weekend Kickoff Show)[12]


ESPN airs Spring Football games and coverage.[13] Coverage includes College Football Final which wraps the annual Spring Games.[14]

During the regular season, ESPN airs pre-selected Thursday night marquee matchups. ESPN2 airs pre-selected Friday night contests from lesser known Division I schools.

The weekend games with the exception of the regular season are typically selected a week or two weeks out. ABC gets the first pick of games for all the major conferences, with the exception of the SEC, in which case CBS get their first selection.

ESPN/ESPN2 airs coverage of ABC games in a "reverse mirror" format. Both networks will also air other selected midweek games and Sunday games, typically teams from more “minor” conferences.[15]

ESPN Radio airs a weekly game as well as selected BCS games inclduing all BCS games.[16]

ESPNU usually airs 5 games per week.[17]

ESPN Classic airs selected games throughout the year.[18]

Typical games

Kickoff Week is the first weekend of the college football weekend. Games include the Chick-fil-A College Kickoff and other non-conference action. [19]

Championship Weekend always features the MAC Championship Game and Conference USA Championship Game. This week also features conferences that don’t have a conference championship game, such as the Pac-10 (e.g., Arizona-Arizona State).

The ESPN family of networks air the Division I FCS conference playoffs as well as other lower NCAA division championships.

ESPN and ESPN2 air the bulk of the games during ‘‘Bowl Week’’. ESPN Radio also owns the rights for many games including BCS matchups.[20]

Non-Game action

College GameDay

ESPN airs the nationally renowned College GameDay'. Since 1993 and almost exclusively in recent years, it has aired from the top game of the week or one of significance.

Home Depot College Football Awards

Since 1990, ESPN has aired the show live from the Boardwalk in Orlando, Florida. This show airs all the major awards with the exception of the Heisman Trophy.[21]

Heisman Trophy Presentation

Since 1993, ESPN has aired the Heisman Trophy from New York City. It is typically an hour long program featuring interviews with past winners and nominees (with their families and/or coaches).[22]

Television announcers


In-Game Announcers

Studio Shows



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