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The title of Earl of Desmond has been held historically by lords in Ireland, first as a title outside of the peerage system and later as part of the Peerage of Ireland.

The original Earldom of Desmond, based on land holdings in Munster belonged the Anglo-Norman FitzGerald family, which was founded by Maurice FitzGerald, a key supporter of Lord Pembroke ("Strongbow") in his invasion of Ireland. The title Earl of Desmond was first created for Maurice FitzGerald, 4th Baron Desmond in approximately 1329 [1]. Over time, according to English sources, the FitzGerald family became highly assimilated to the local Irish culture.

The final Earl of Desmond of this creation was Gerald FitzGerald, the 15th (or, by some counts, the 16th) Earl. The FitzGeralds had resisted the Reformation of King Henry VIII and, after a series of rebellions, the 15th Earl was defeated and killed on 11 November 1583. His title, along with the enormous estates of his family, were forfeit to the English Crown. His nephew, James FitzThomas FitzGerald, attempted to regain control of both during the Nine Years War, but he was captured by the English and executed in 1603.

The second creation was in 1600 for James FitzGerald, who was also created Baron Inchiquin. These titles became extinct on his death the next year.

The third creation was in 1619 for Richard Preston, 1st Lord Dingwall, who was also created Baron Dunmore. On his death in 1628 the Earldom and Irish Barony became extinct while the Scottish Lordship of Parliament passed to his daughter Elizabeth Preston, who married the 1st Duke of Ormonde.

The fourth creation was in 1628 for George Feilding, 1st Viscount Callan. For information on this creation, see the Earl of Denbigh.


Barons Desmond (1259)

  • John FitzThomas FitzGerald, 1st Baron Desmond (d. 1261)
  • Thomas FitzMaurice FitzGerald, 2nd Baron Desmond (d. 1298)
  • Thomas FitzThomas FitzGerald, 3rd Baron Desmond (1290–1307)
  • Maurice FitzThomas FitzGerald, 4th Baron Desmond (d. 1356) (created Earl of Desmond in 1329)

Earls of Desmond, First creation (1329)

There are several numbering schemes, depending on whether one includes Nicholas as the 3rd Earl, and how one deals with the dispute over the succession to the 11th Earl.

  • Maurice FitzGerald, 1st Earl of Desmond (d. 1356)
  • Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Desmond (1336–1358)
  • Nicholas FitzMaurice, 3rd Earl of Desmond (d. 1367)[1]
  • Gerald FitzGerald, 3rd Earl of Desmond (d. 1398)
  • John FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Desmond (d. 1399)
  • Thomas FitzGerald, 5th Earl of Desmond (c. 1386–1420)
  • James FitzGerald, 6th Earl of Desmond (d. 1463)
  • Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Desmond (d. 1468)
  • James FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Desmond (1459–1487)
  • Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Desmond (d. 1520)
  • James FitzGerald, 10th Earl of Desmond (d. 1529)
  • Thomas FitzGerald, 11th Earl of Desmond (1454–1534)
  • James FitzGerald, 12th Earl of Desmond (d. 1540)
  • John FitzGerald, 13th Earl of Desmond (d. 1536)
  • James FitzGerald, 14th Earl of Desmond (d. 1558)
  • Gerald FitzGerald, 15th Earl of Desmond (c. 1533–1583) (forfeit 1582)

16th Earl of Desmond, appointed by Hugh O'Neill (1598–1601)

  • James FitzThomas FitzGerald the Sugán Earl, died in Tower of London c.1607

Earls of Desmond, Second creation (1600)

Earls of Desmond, Third creation (1619)

  • Richard Preston, 1st Earl of Desmond (d. 1628) (extinct)

Earls of Desmond, Fourth creation (1628)


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