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This is a list of fictional nations and factions from the Japanese science fiction franchise Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. In this futuristic interpretation, nations and states of today's world have evolved into a number of political superblocs, with numerous political factions among them.


Earth Alliance

The Earth Alliance (commonly known as the EA) is the group of anti-ZAFT superstates on Earth. It is composed of four political entities:

  • the "Atlantic Federation"
  • the "Eurasian Federation"
  • the "Republic of East Asia"
  • the "South African Union".

The Alliance also conquered the PLANT-friendly United States of South America, with its member states now engaged in a revolution to regain independence. Officially founded as a result of the Alaska Declaration on February 7, CE 70, the combined military forces are called OMNI Enforcer, but more frequently addressed as the Earth Forces (Chikyuu Gun). The Earth Alliance is headed by a moderate Secretary-General, but the real leaders are the Blue Cosmos and its Logos benefactors.

The Earth Alliance and ZAFT waged war on February 11, CE 70 after the United Nations's leadership is wiped out by a terrorist attack in the Tragedy of Copernicus on February 5. 9 days later, the Earth Forces launches nuclear warheads to destroy the PLANT colony at Junius Seven, in what is known as the Bloody Valentine incident.

Unlike the Earth Federation of the Universal Century era which is a relatively unified body, the Earth Alliance is a loose international military confederation of entities often working at cross purposes to each other. It is not uncommon for each faction to not reveal the key workings of their weapon and armor technologies with their erstwhile allies - when the Atlantic Federation battleship Archangel docked at the Eurasian military base Artemis, the commander attempts to acquire by force both the ship and its GAT-X105 Strike in order to acquire the secret behind their designs. Later, when Alliance headquarters JOSH-A in Alaska, controlled by the Atlantic Federation, is mostly abandoned as a trap for ZAFT's invasion forces, the token defense force left behind as "bait" (completely unaware of the trap) consists almost entirely of Eurasian troops.

The Earth Alliance develops several important military innovations during the war: second-generation mobile operating systems, Phase Shift armor, Lightwave Barrier, beam weaponry and the Mirage Colloid stealth system.

In the wake of the Junius Seven colony drop disaster in CE 73, the Earth Alliance declares war again on ZAFT, on the grounds the drop represents the true intentions of Coordinators toward Naturals. Unfortunately, popular support for the Earth Alliance weakened after PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal exposed the Logos organization behind the Blue Cosmos leaders and vowed that ZAFT will destroy them once and for all. Considering that many areas of the Eurasian Federation were "liberated" by ZAFT and forces from the Republic of East Asia were defecting, it could be possible that the Earth Alliance was, from that point on, defunct.

Member nations

Atlantic Federation

The largest and most powerful member, it has since been a long-time rival against the Eurasian Federation. Even though they are allied against ZAFT, a strong undercurrent of mistrust remains. This superstate is the successor of the United States of America, comprising also Canada and Mexico, plus Great Britain and Ireland and the anglophone dominions , and the islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Its capital is Washington DC and its President still lives and works at the White House.

The Atlantic Federation provides the largest segment of the Earth Alliance's military and pioneered the efforts to develop advanced mobile suits to counter those of ZAFT. It also has broader and deeper anti-Coordinator sentiments than the rest of the Alliance, and is more thoroughly infiltrated by the Blue Cosmos because of its power. While this entity solidifies its position as the dominant force in the Alliance with its large mobile suits force which tries to hold the Earth Alliance together, the heavy losses suffered in the final months of the Bloody Valentine War provides the Eurasian Federation the opportunity it has been waiting for to supersede them as the leaders of the Earth Alliance.

In the pretense of fighting ZAFT during CE 70, the Atlantic Federation attacks and annexes the United States of South America. After the cease-fire at Jachin Due, the United States of South America rebels, with prominent ace Edward "Ed the Ripper" Harrelson siding against the Atlantic Federation. The Junius Treaty of CE 71 returns sovereignty to the USSA, in the end.

Eurasian Federation

Second only to the Atlantic Federation in power and influence, the Eurasian Federation is a fusion of the European Union (minus Great Britain and Ireland) with Eastern Europe, Hokkaido, the Middle East, and former USSR, led by a federal council representing the various nations in Eurasia. It's capital is in Moscow. Compared to the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasians are not controlled by the Blue Cosmos and are tolerant of Coordinators among their ranks. When the Archangel is docked in the Eurasian Federation base Artemis, its commander makes an offer to the GAT-X105 Strike's pilot, Kira Yamato, that the Eurasians will protect him from his own people (Coordinators) if he helps them. Special Operative Canard Pars was also allowed to work for the Eurasians, in exchange for his life. Further examples include the hiring of Serpent Tail Mercenary, Gai Murakumo, also a Coordinator, into the ranks of the Eurasian Federation military. Thus, the assumption can be made the Eurasian Federation does not care if a person is a Coordinator or a Natural - all that matters is the person is on their side.

The Eurasian Federation resents its inferior position to the Atlantic, which has been exacerbated by their successful development of mobile suits. Eventually, the Eurasians produce newer, even more advanced suits of their own, such as the CAT1-X Hyperion series. The two rivals are evenly matched as a result; while the Atlantic Federation outnumbers the Eurasian Federation, the Eurasians had technologically superior firepower. With the heavy losses the Atlantic Federation suffers in the last months of the Bloody Valentine War, the Eurasian's influence in the Earth Alliance seems poised to grow, but following the conflict, they lose large amounts of territory to the Equatorial Union and the ZAFT-controlled African Community.

During the Junius Seven colony drop, the Eurasian Federation suffers heavily, with severe damage to many historical cities including Rome, London (part of the Atlantic Federation), Prague and Athens. At the beginning of the subsequent Second Bloody Valentine War, many factions within the Eurasian Federation sought to withdraw from the Earth Alliance, resulting in Atlantic forces being deployed against those states. It is unknown how many or which Eurasian states were against the war. When the Atlantic Federation, at the command of Blue Cosmos/Logos, uses the GFAS-X1 Destroy to maintain control of Eurasia (leading to the destruction of Berlin), stronger anti-Atlantic/anti-Alliance sentiments in Eurasia increased.

Republic of East Asia

A federation consisting of present-day nations of the People's Republic of China, Japan (sans Hokkaido), possibly Mongolia, the Korean peninsula and Taiwan; it is the third largest power of the Earth Alliance, with Nanjing as its capital and its spaceport at Kaoshiung. During the Bloody Valentine War, ZAFT captures Kaoshiung, leading the Republic to assist the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations against ZAFT. With the conflict over, Kaoshiung is returned to East Asia. When PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal reveals the existence of Logos, in the later part of the Second Bloody Valentine War, a fleet from the Republic of East Asia defects from the Earth Alliance and allies themselves with ZAFT.

South African Union

This union of small states is virtually powerless aside from its possession of the Victoria mass driver. At the end of the Bloody Valentine War, the South African Union controls most of the African continent. However, it is important to note the South African Union is actually a puppet-state installed by the Atlantic Federation.

United States of South America

A nation that governs much of Central and South America, they cooperate with the Atlantic Federation to build the Porta Panama spaceport. Due to conflicts of interests, the United States is pro-ZAFT and covertly aids and trades with the PLANTs while the sponsor nations have various sanctions put on the PLANTs. At the beginning of the Bloody Valentine War, the United States of South America does not join in the conflict, leading to an Atlantic Federation invasion to take over the United States and mobilize it against ZAFT. When the war ends, the United States of South America fights for independence, resulting in the South American War of Independence. The most prominent figure is Edward "Ed the Ripper" Harrelson, a former Earth Alliance member, who is critically wounded in his last battle against Earth Alliance pilot Rena Imelia. When the Junius Seven Treaty is negotiated, the United States of South America regains its independence, but it no longer controls Central America. However, when the Second Bloody Valentine War erupts, the United States summarily allies itself with the Earth Alliance.

OMNI Enforcer

Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer is the name of the Earth Alliance's military force, more commonly known as the Earth Alliance Forces, or simply Earth Forces[1]. Unlike ZAFT, the military of OMNI Enforcer is tightly organized on a traditional model. Many top officers of OMNI, mostly those from the Atlantic Federation, are also members of the Blue Cosmos.

OMNI Enforcer's space fleet is large and well-equipped, though their warships are slightly outdated compared to ZAFT's powerful fleet. Their mobile weapons until the Battle of Porta Panama are primarily limited to the TS-MA2 Moebius mobile armor, a distinctly outdated design. At and after Porta Panama, the Earth Alliance quickly replaces the Moebius with the GAT-01 Strike Dagger and related mobile suit models, redressing the balance and turning the tide against ZAFT in the Bloody Valentine War.

Known OMNI Enforcer space fleets are the 3rd Fleet, (decimated during the Battle of Endymion), the 5th and 6th Fleets (intercepted by ZAFT during the First Battle of Jachin Due), 8th Fleet (decimated during the Battle of Orbit) and the 7th Fleet (decimated during the Second Battle of Jachin Due).


Rank Structure
OMNI Enforcer uses a Japanese style rank system, officer ranks being shown by colored bands on a member's uniform (taking the form of yellow bands with no, one or two blue tabs at the bottom). Enlisted ranks appear not to be designated, NCO ranks are designated with square devices. Civilian auxiliary members do not wear rank tabs. Some rank insignia in the officer chart are conjectural, based on other rank insignia in a common pattern.

Nine officer, three NCO and three enlisted ranks are known; it is not known if other enlisted or NCO ranks exist or if any warrant officer ranks exist in OMNI Enforcer. In addition, the term "Kanchou" applies to the officer in charge of a ship, and can roughly be translated as captain, not to be confused with the military rank of Captain. Murrue Ramius is often referred to as "Ramius-kanchou" rather than "Ramius-taii" as her rank would suggest.

There also seems to be slight color differences between the OMNI Enforcer uniforms of the Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Federation. While the officers of the Atlantic Federation wear white, Eurasian Federation officers seem to have a bluish tint to their uniforms.

EAF Ranks.jpg
  • Taichou (General/Admiral): Broad yellow band, two blue tabs (conjectural)
  • Chujo (Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral): Broad yellow band, one blue tab (conjectural)
  • Shousho (Major General/Rear Admiral): Broad yellow band
  • Taisa (Colonel/Captain): Two narrow yellow bands, two blue tabs
  • Chusa (Lt. Colonel/Commander): Two narrow yellow bands, one blue tab
  • Shousa (Major/Lt. Commander): Two narrow yellow bands
  • Tai-i (Captain/Lieutenant): One narrow yellow band, two blue tabs
  • Chu-i (First Lieutenant/Lieutenant J.G.): One narrow yellow band, one blue tab
  • Shou-i (Second Lieutenant/Ensign): One narrow yellow band
    • Natarle Badgiruel, several Artemis and JOSH-A officers;
      Kira Yamato holds this rank after Archangel rendezvouses with the 8th fleet but never wears the rank insignia
  • Chief Petty Officer: unknown
    • CPO Murdoch
  • Petty Officer 1st Class: Two yellow and two blue squares
    • several enlisted Archangel crewmen, Flay Allster while on the Dominion
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class: One white square, one yellow square, two blue squares
    • several enlisted Archangel crewmen


  • Ittohei (Crewman 1st Class)
  • Nitohei (Crewman 2nd Class)
    • Heliopolis students
  • Crewman Recruit

Blue Cosmos/Logos

"For the preservation of our Blue and Pure World! (青き清浄なる世界のために [Aoki seijō naru sekai no tame ni!])" – Motto of the Blue Cosmos

The most radical of all anti-Coordinator activist groups, they are formed by resentful Naturals and is the ruling force behind the Earth Alliance. Though the political opinions of the EA senior leadership generally varies, some of the Atlantic Federation leadership are Blue Cosmos members, and after the elimination of enough of the Eurasian military at the Battle of JOSH-A for policy change, the Blue Cosmos-controlled OMNI Enforcer by default. After this point, the Earth Alliance's war effort changes from one of conquest to one of genocide, a change then-PLANT chairman Patrick Zala was also happy to emulate.

Originally an environmental pressure group, following George Glenn's secret revelation in CE 15, the Blue Cosmos changed their emphasis to terrorizing and assassinating Coordinators. They are willing to eliminate them entirely, even if the lives of innocent are lost. Many of the top echelons of the Blue Cosmos, including former leader Muruta Azrael, are killed during the Second Battle of Jachin Due. Unfortunately, this did not affect Blue Cosmos in any meaningful way - Cagalli Yula Athha's visit to ZAFT in CE 73 is due in large part to pressure on the Orb Union from the Atlantic Federation, which is still partially controlled by the Blue Cosmos, under the control of new leader Lord Djibril. In addition, growing evidence arises that the Blue Cosmos is nothing more than a catspaw for a shadowy military-industrial organization known only as Logos.

Following the Battle of Berlin Logos member Matias Aducarf submits information on Logos to PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal, who uses this to reveal all known Logos' members to the entire world. Durandal declares a swift eradication of Logos and ZAFT launches a campaign to completely destroy the organization. Citizens on Earth also began to attack the homes of Logos members, assassinating many of them. Lord Djibril remains the last surviving member after ZAFT's Operation Ragnarok, but is killed in the Battle of Daedalus.

Phantom Pain

A special forces unit organized by the Earth Alliance [2] that operates under Logos, their official name is the 81st Autonomous Mobile Group (81st Independent Mobile Battalion in the Japanese version) of the Earth Alliance. Phantom Pain is created to provide the Blue Cosmos with organized military strength, composed mainly of the best handpicked Alliance personnel and equipment. When goods and staff are requested by Phantom Pain, the EA is expected to respond and accommodate without delay. This allows Phantom Pain to obtain much needed supplies, even though they fall only under the command of Logos and their representatives, and no others.[citation needed] Even with this arrangement, Phantom Pain remains shrouded in mystery among many Earth Alliance leaders.

Funded behind the scenes by the Blue Cosmos and utilize technology illegal according to the Treaty of Junius, like the Mirage Colloid, their known assets include at least three Mirage Colloid-equipped battleships (such as the Girty Lue), the TS-MA4F Exus, a personalized GAT-04 Windam, the hijacked ZGMF-X24S Chaos, ZGMF-X88S Gaia and ZGMF-X31S Abyss; the RGX-00 Testament, the RGX-04 Proto Saviour, one GFAS-X1 Destroy and its supporting battleship, the GAT-X1022 Blu Duel, the GAT-X103AP Verde Buster and the GAT-X105E Strike Noir (the latter three supplemented with several squadrons of GAT-04 Windams and GAT-01A2R Slaughter Daggers.

Known members of Phantom Pain include Matisse Aducarf, Sven Cal Bayan, Mudie Holcroft, Shams Coza, Neo Roanoke, Stella Loussier, Sting Oakley, and Auel Neider.


In the Cosmic Era, the present-day United Nations funded the idea of constructing new space colonies originally as manufacturing and research facilities. Known as PLANTs (Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology)[3] these hourglass shaped colonies were primarily manned by Coordinators. Over time, they became a haven and eventually the permanent home of the vast majority of the Coordinator population, fleeing persecution and when the war began, they became an independent nation. The PLANTs are divided into 12 groups known as "cities," each one named for a month of the Roman Calendar (i.e. Aprilius, Junius).

It should be noted that, in CE 73, the signification of the acronym PLANT has been changed to People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology.[4]

The government of the PLANT cities is the PLANT Supreme Council on Aprilius One and their military is Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty or ZAFT for short. The PLANTs are described as one nation by some characters, but they are in fact several different nations (each PLANT city can be considered an independent nation) united in their common heritage and the need for protection. The word "PLANT" is actually sometimes used to referred to all the PLANTs as a whole (again as if they were a single nation), and the term ZAFT is also used to (incorrectly) describe the PLANTs. Lacus Clyne was quick to point out the distinction between the PLANTs, as being the overall name of the various colonies and its primarily civilian inhabitants, and the military arm, ZAFT, when she was brought aboard the Archangel.

Each city originally incorporated ten hourglass-shaped PLANTs, for a total of 120. But on February 14, CE 70, the spacefleet of the Earth Alliance fired a nuclear warhead at the Junius Seven PLANT, destroying it and killing 243,721 civilians, in what later became known as the Bloody Valentine Tragedy. From that point, and until CE 74 there are PLANTs located at L5. As of late CE 73, there is at least one PLANT located at L4, Armory One, a ZAFT military base.

In CE 74 Lord Djibril attacks PLANT with the superweapon Requiem in an attempt to destroy Aprilius One. However, because of the intervention of the Joule Squad, the beam misses its target and instead directly hit Januarius 1 to 4 and caused December 7 and 8 to collapse, leading to the death of a few million Coordinators.

PLANT Supreme Council

The PLANT Supreme Council is an executive committee of twelve elected members, each representing a sector (or "city") of the groupings of the PLANTs. Each member is also assigned to one of five committees (Judicial, Administrative, Legislative, Diplomatic, and National Defense), each with its own chair. The committees are governed overall by the Supreme Council Chair. The PLANT Supreme Council was originally formed several years before the Bloody Valentine War to deal with the directorate of PLANT-sponsored nations.

The make up of the PLANT Supreme Council as of the beginning of the Bloody Valentine War of CE 71 is as follows on the chart below, with a roughly evenly split political division of the Moderate Faction (led by Siegel Clyne and Eileen Canaver) and the Radical Faction (led by Patrick Zala and Ezalia Joule). Siegel Clyne is later replaced by Patrick Zala as Supreme Council Chair.

During this time, Siegel Clyne, frustrated by the extremist actions of his successor, secretly allowed his daughter, Lacus Clyne to entrust Kira Yamato with the ZGMF-X10A Freedom. The Clyne family was forced into hiding with the act of treason drawn against them; Eileen Canaver was left in charge of the Moderate Faction and Patrick Zala quickly ordered the arrest of the members of the Moderate Faction and those associated with the Clyne family, triggering an underground civil war in the PLANTs between the radicals and the moderates.

Following the conclusion of the First Bloody Valentine War, Eileen Canaver leads the arrest of Ezalia Joule and the members of the Radical Faction and becomes the acting head of the PLANT Provisionary Council, consisting of the members of the Moderate Faction.

Many members of the PLANT Supreme Council are also parents of elite mobile suit pilots in ZAFT, such as Tad Elsman, Ezalia Joule, Yuri Amalfi, and Patrick Zala, whose children are under the command of Rau Le Creuset onboard the newly constructed Nazca-class ship Vesalius during the First Bloody Valentine War.

Council Member Representing Committee Assignment Political Faction Academic Specialty
Ali Kasim Januarius City Legislative Committee Chair Moderate Microengineering
Tad Elsman Februarius City Administrative Committee Member Neutral/Moderate Biochemistry
Ezalia Joule Martius City National Defense Committee Member Radical Aerospace Engineering
Siegel Clyne Aprilius City Supreme Council Chair Moderate Space Life Sciences
Yuri Amalfi Maius City National Defense Committee Member Moderate Mechanical Engineering
Louise Leitner Junius City Judicial Committee Chair Radical Agricultural Engineering
Jeremy Maxwell Quintilis City Legislative Committee Member Radical Chemistry
Orson White Sextilis City Administrative Committee Chair Neutral/Radical Particle Physics
Eileen Canaver September City Diplomatic Committee Chair Moderate Information Science
Herman Gould October City National Defense Committee Member Radical Political Science
Parnell Jesek November City Judicial Committee Member Neutral/Moderate Industrial Engineering
Patrick Zala December City National Defense Committee Chair Radical Historical Structures

As of CE 73, Eileen Canaver retired from her position as PLANT Supreme Chair and an almost entirely new PLANT Supreme Council has been elected. Gilbert Durandal is the new PLANT Supreme Chair along with other newly elected representatives: Alan Clarzec, Ricardo Orff, Eduardo Lee, George Adaman, Crister Oberge, Neu Kazaefsky, and Takao Schreiber. Returning members consist of Ali Kasim of Januarius City, Louise Leitner of Junius City, Orson White of Sextilis City, and Parnell Jesek of November City.


ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) is a political, economic, and military alliance of PLANT colonies. Specifically, ZAFT usually refers to the military side of organization. It was originally formed as a political organisation known as the Zodiac Alliance by Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala in CE 50, to peacefully fight for the rights and independence of Coordinators. This follows in the rather curious Gundam tradition of naming the space colony military with a "Z" (Zeon, from early Universal Century, and the Zanscare Empire of Victory Gundam) or "Zodiac" within its acronym (such as Gundam Wing's Organization of the Zodiac (OZ)). The Zodiac Alliance was renamed "ZAFT" in CE 65, but became a military organisation only three years later.

ZAFT is well-equipped with Nazca-class and Laurasia-class warships in space, Lesseps-class and Petrie-class vessels on land, and Vosgulov-class submarines at sea.

ZAFT fights the Earth Alliance to a standstill in the Bloody Valentine War of Cosmic Era 70-71. During mid CE 71 Patrick Zala, who blames all Naturals for the death of his wife in the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, becomes leader of not only ZAFT but also of PLANT and effectively removes the moderate faction of the PLANT Supreme Council. Zala plans to wipe out all human life on Earth, eliminating, he believes, Naturals who are the cause of all warfare and establish Coordinators as the master race, a "new humanity".

Following the Junius Seven colony drop disaster, the Earth Alliance demands that ZAFT demilitarize and its government disperse; the obvious refusal results in the second war between ZAFT and Earth in two years. Earth support for ZAFT greatly increased after PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal's famous anti-Logos/Blue Cosmos speech that was broadcast throughout the PLANTS and Earth. Even though ZAFT and the Three Ships Alliance joined forces and fought together against Earth Alliance forces, they remain enemies until the end of the war.

ZAFT has consistently proven itself to be on the cutting edge of nuclear technology, producing the Neutron Jammer, the Neutron Jammer Canceller, the Neutron Stampeder, and the GENESIS cannon. In addition, they developed the Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System, which allows a battleship to recharge its mobile suits' batteries without them having to return to the ship. ZAFT's mobile suits are similar to the mobile suits of Zeon from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.


ZAFT's military is organized as a militia rather than the Earth Alliance's OMNI Enforcer military force, using positional titles as ranks rather than more traditional ones. Some of the common descriptive terms and/or titles used are:

Kanchō: Captain, the officer in charge of a particular military vessel, such as a battleship, a land carrier, or a submarine.

Taichō: Commander, given charge of one of ZAFT's teams, which are frequently formed, dissolved, and rearranged. The team is identified by the name of its leader, hence "Le Creuset team", "Zala team", and "Joule team". A commander will usually be given control of one or more vessels, whether space, land, or sea-based, and/or a number of mobile suits. He or she will be responsible for developing the appropriate strategies to use those resources to carry out the tasks assigned to him or her by the Gichō, or chairperson.


Uniforms are also color coded, based on an individual's military achievement, position, and/or responsibility to date. (It should be noted that most pilots and commanding officers have longer uniforms than regular soldiers, regardless of uniform color.)

Green: Worn by common soldiers, technicians, or mobilesuit pilots. They designate that the personnel has completed standard training up to their expectations. These troops usually receive only about half year of training.
Olive: Worn by soldiers in ground combat situations.
Bright green: Worn by mechanics only.
Red: Worn by top graduates from ZAFT's military academy. ZAFT Red members wear red uniforms to display their elite status.[5] Although they are respected, soldiers who wear red do not necessarily have higher positions than their green-clad comrades.
Black: Worn by the ship captains and executive officers or officers with high level of responsibility. This is also the color worn by ZAFT officers attached to or assisting ranking government officials.
Yellow: A custom variation of the olive ground combat soldier uniform. Andrew Waltfeld appears to be the only one who wears this color uniform. Later, he is shown wearing a yellow variation of the white uniform.
White: Worn by senior or ranking ZAFT commanders or high-ranking ZAFT officials. Standard white uniforms are worn by senior ship captains who are in command of larger and more powerful capital ships, although they are still considered equivalent in rank to other ship captains. Added devices or denotations on the uniform increases the bearer's level of seniority, importance, and/or responsibility.
Purple: Worn by members of the PLANT Defense Council and bureaucrats associated with ZAFT. Once again added devices or denotations on the uniform represent the bearer's level of seniority, importance, and/or responsibility.
Custom colored pilot suits: Any mobile suit pilot in the ZAFT forces that proves him or her self in combat are allowed to have a custom color pilot suit. These pilots have no distinct rank but are usually better than their counter-parts. For example, Rey wore a white pilot suit, however he was not above the command of Talia and still had to follow commands like regular green pilot suit soldiers. Another example is Andrew Waltfeld. He was known as the Desert Tiger, and wore a special tiger-stripped orange pilot suit. While fellow submarine commander Marco Morassim wore the regular green pilot suit. Waltfeld was above the command of most other commanders and generals at the time. Usually, the custom pilot suit also came with a custom mobile suit. Heine had an orange coloured ZAKU Phantom and GOUF Ignited to match his pilot suit, Lunamaria remained with her red pilot suit and had her ZAKU repainted in the same color and hue. Miguel Aiman wore a standard green pilot suit, but had a custom painted and custom modified GINN of his own. Waltfeld had a special BuCUE armed with fangs and claws made to match his "tiger" outfit and an orange colored LaGOWE, complete with beam "fangs" and "claws". Nearly all FAITH members have their own custom colored suits both pilot and mobile suit, notable the FAITH emblem on there pilot suit. Other examples also exist.


FAITH (Fast Acting Integrate Tactical Headquarters) is an elite subset of ZAFT personnel that have remarkable war records and certain character traits. They are appointed by the PLANT council or the Chairman, to whom they are solely answerable. Their authority is above those of Squadron Commanders, and can presumably give strategic orders on the spot or override any orders given to them by anyone other than the Council.

FAITH members wear badges resembling a white wing emerging from a golden elliptical orb.

Known members of FAITH include: Heine Westenfluss, Athrun Zala, Talia Gladys, Shinn Asuka, and Rey Za Burrel.

Terrestrial nations allied to ZAFT

Oceania Union

The Oceania Union is a nation composed primarily of Australia and New Zealand. The Oceania Union is allied with ZAFT, and one of ZAFT's two primary military bases on Earth, Carpentaria, is located there. At the signing of the Junius Treaty, all national boundaries were restored to their pre-war status, however, one of the conditions of the Treaty required ZAFT to pull their terrestrial forces back to the areas around their two major bases, Carpentaria and Gibraltar. As a result of this, independent regions within ZAFTs two allies (Oceania and the African Community) emerge. For two years these areas remain independent of both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance, but eventually join the Earth Alliance after the Break the World incident. In Oceania's case, the independent region (and later Earth Alliance member) is New Zealand.

African Community

The African Community is a loosely-affiliated group of nations and tribes in the northern sections of Africa, the African Community is one of only two nations on Earth openly allied with PLANT, though there are resistance movements, including Desert Dawn. Supposedly its territory includes Gibraltar, where ZAFT's second main military base is located. At the signing of the Junius Treaty, all national boundaries were restored to their pre-war status, however, one of the conditions of the Treaty required ZAFT to pull their terrestrial forces back to the areas around their two major bases, Carpentaria and Gibraltar. As a result of this, independent regions within ZAFTs two allies (Oceania and the African Community) emerge. For two years these areas remain independent of both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance, but eventually join the Earth Alliance after the Break the World incident.

Neutral entities

Orb Union

"Orb will not attack another nation, will not allow another nation to attack them, and will not intervene in the conflicts of other nations." – Motto of Orb

The Orb Union (also known as the United Emirates of Orb or Aube in the Del Rey manga) is a small Pacific island nation, located to the east of New Guinea which has a tradition of neutrality and thus is neutral in the war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT.[6] The nation itself is composed of five cities. Orb's government consists of both an elected legislature and an aristocracy of five noble families (most notably the Athha, Sahaku, and Seiran families) and its head of state is entitled "Representative", perhaps implying his or her position as representing the will of both the citizenry and the nobility. The nation has a mixed population of both Naturals and Coordinators. Because of this, Orb has a non-discrimination policy against Coordinators.

Though small, Orb is both wealthy and militarily powerful, and the nationalized local arms maker Morgenroete, Inc. is one of the world's top producers of advanced weaponry. Like ZAFT, Orb has a head start on the mobile suit production, but development was slowed due to their inability to program a working mobile suit operating system until Orb secures Kira Yamato's technical cooperation to complete it. Additionally unusual for the country's small size, Orb has a considerable presence in space, including the space colony Heliopolis, the space fortress "Ame-no-Mihashira" ("Pillar of Heaven"), at least four Izumo-class battleships, and the Kaguya mass driver located on Onogoro Island.

Because of Orb's relative political and economic stability and stance as a neutral nation, it is known as the "Land of Peace", which is used as the title of the 25th episode of Gundam Seed. The novelisation of the Gundam Seed series, the titles the third volume "Country of Peace" (平和 の国 Heiwa no Kuni) refers in reference to Orb.

First Bloody Valentine War

At the start of the war, the chief representative of Orb's government is Uzumi Nara Athha, who declares the nation's neutrality in the conflict. Despite this, the Sahaku family sponsors Morgenroete's efforts to assist the Atlantic Federation in the development of their mobile suit prototypes behind the backs of Representative Athha and the other representatives of Orb.

Unfortunately, the Earth Alliance does not respect that neutrality as the war progressed, and conquers Orb in CE 71, resulting in the death of Representative Athha and many high ranked politicians. Orb's remaining forces, including the Izumo-class battleship Kusanagi and the defecting Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel, escape to space under the command of his daughter Cagalli Yula Athha, and join forces with the stolen ZAFT warship Eternal to form the Three Ships Alliance, which would play a critical role during the end of the war. When the Treaty of Junius 7 was signed, Orb and all nations who were forced to join the Atlantic Federation, returned to their neutrality.

Second Bloody Valentine War

After the Break the World Incident, the Seiran noble family gains control of Parliament and ends Orb's neutrality by having Orb willingly aligns itself with the Earth Alliance and the Seirans form a secret alliance with Logos leader, Lord Djibril. However, the Seiran family is unable to gain the full support of the military, which remains loyal to the Athha family, and the military becomes weakened as a result of its low opinion of the Seirans and lack of motivation and morale to fight. Chief Representative Cagalli Yula Athha is abducted soon afterward by her brother and the crew of the Archangel during her wedding to Yuna Roma Seiran, the son of Prime Minister Unato Ema Seiran.

Despite personal sentiments, Commander Todaka is promoted to Captain and chosen to lead the Orb expeditionary fleet in the nation's first active support of the Earth Alliance at Crete. In hopes of saving the Orb military, Cagalli appears on the battlefield with the Archangel and orders Orb to retreat; her authority is subverted by Yuna, who declares Cagalli is an imposter, in order to ensure the troops do not abandon the Earth Alliance forces. The effort ends in a disaster when the flagship Takemikazuchi and most of the other ships present are sunk. Captain Todaka orders the Takemikazuchi abandoned and remains behind to go down with his ship. After the Battle of Crete, many of the surviving members of the Orb expeditionary fleet join the crew of the Archangel, including Todaka's second in command Lieutenant Amagi, who becomes the Archangel's new executive officer.

After PLANT council chairman Durandal's speech concerning Logos and the attack on Heaven's Base, Lord Djibril flees to Orb to find sanctuary with the Seiran family. ZAFT launches a surprise attack to capture Lord Djibril, leaving most of Orb's civilian population uninformed and Orb's military unable to counter with an effective defence. Cagalli returns to Orb in time to turn the tide of the battle and regains control of the military after ordering Yuna's immediate arrest at the National Defence Headquarters. ZAFT is driven back by the Orb military, with support from the Archangel and its allies. However, Lord Djibril flees Orb before he is captured and escapes into space and ZAFT is forced to withdraw.

With the deaths of the Seirans and Orb politicians during the battle, Cagalli is able to regain her position as the Representative of Orb and asserts the nation's position to oppose Durandal's Destiny Plan. Orb, supported by the Kingdom of Scandinavia, the Atlantic Federation, and dissenting ZAFT forces, move the battle into space in order to stop Durandal from using the superweapons Messiah and Requiem (acquired after the death of Lord Djibril) to destroy all opposition to his Destiny Plan. Following Durandal's death and the destruction of Requiem, Orb forms a peaceful relationship with the PLANTs.

Military ranks and uniforms


Orb's military ranks are structured similar in hierarchy as OMNI Enforcer.

  • Note: The English dub of Gundam SEED Destiny uses naval ranks when it comes to military in space ships.

Kingdom of Scandinavia

The Kingdom of Scandinavia is the largest of the neutral nations, it composes of the old Earth nations of Sweden, Norway and [7] Finland. The Kingdom of Scandinavia is the birth place of former PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne. The Kingdom of Scandinavia originally chooses to remain neutral in the conflict, but eventually bows to pressure from the Atlantic Federation and joins the Earth Alliance. After the signing of the Junius Treaty, which was committed by Scandinavian Prime Minister, the Kingdom of Scandinavia returns to its neutral status.

At the beginning of the Second Bloody Valentine War, the Kingdom of Scandinavia agrees to rejoin the Earth Alliance after again coming under pressure from the Atlantic Federation. However, their true loyalties seem to lie with Orb and the Terminal organization, which is proven when the nation lets the Archangel hide underwater at the coast of Scandinavia. Only the Prime Minister and his advisers knew of this. This is further proven after Durandal's announcement of his Destiny Plan, as the Kingdom of Scandinavia, together with the Orb Union and the Atlantic Federation, rejects the plan.

Equatorial Union

The Equatorial Union is a union of weak Equatorial nations in Southeast Asia such as India, Philippines, Indonesia, and some other countries. The Equatorial Union is largely neutral because its military is not worth incorporating into the Earth Alliance, with no space forces and no mobile weapons. However, after the Atlantic Federation places significant pressure on all the neutral nations, the Equatorial Union does indeed join the Earth Alliance. After the signing of the Junius Treaty, the Equatorial Union returns to its neutral status. After the first war they had gained land from Eurasia and at the beginning of the second war they joined OMNI probably to prevent a war with Eurasia, however, they may have seceded from the Earth Alliance during the strife and instability within Eurasia.


DSSD (Deep Space Survey and Development Organization) is a neutral organization established for the purpose of "advancing the frontier" from survey and development of regions beyond the orbit of Mars. The Earth Alliance, PLANT and the other Neutral Nations all participated in its establishment. There are bases within both Earth Alliance and PLANT. Their Technology Development Center and launch base, F.E., is located on the outskirts of Fortaleza, South America. They aim for the advancement of nations, religions and races. They are the creators of the GSX-401FW Stargazer, a mobile suit intended for space exploration. Oddly enough, DSSD apparently does not have access to a mass driver for launching deep space missions even though mass drivers are much more practical than the traditional shuttle rocket system used by DSSD. However, this is understandable, as other nations may not trust the DSSD enough to allow them to utilize their mass drivers.

Independent factions

Clyne Faction

The Clyne Faction started as the collection of PLANT politicians loyal to the ideals of Siegel Clyne, leader of the PLANT moderate faction. However, as the political situation in the PLANTs took a dark turn, the group switched to being an underground rebel faction composed of normal civilians and ZAFT soldiers, spawned as a result of Patrick Zala's extremist genocidal policies towards the Naturals. The Clyne Faction was initially commanded by former PLANT Chairman Siegel Clyne, but after his assassination, his daughter, Lacus Clyne, took over. Another prominent figure was Andrew Waltfeld, a much-decorated ZAFT commander.

Their first major actions were the theft of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom and soon after the hijacking of the newest ZAFT capital ship, Eternal, which was coincidentally assigned under the command of Andrew Waltfeld by ZAFT. Even though Zala is in charge of ZAFT and uses it to try and crush the Clyne Faction, the ease in which the Clyne Faction managed to steal the Freedom and the swift hijacking of the Eternal later on highlights the fact that the Clyne Faction likely has a considerable number of supporters within ZAFT as well.

Three Ships Alliance

The Three Ships Alliance was formed near the end of the Bloody Valentine War as a resistance force dedicated to ending the war. It consisted of the members of the Clyne Faction who had stolen the ZAFT support vessel Eternal, survivors from the Earth Alliance invasion of Orb aboard the Orb battleship Kusanagi, and the crew of the Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel. The Three Ships Alliance takes up residence in an abandoned space colony for a little over two months, and then sets out to prevent the Earth Alliance and PLANT from annihilating each other. The Three Ships Alliance was instrumental in preventing an Earth Alliance nuclear assault on the PLANT colonies, and in preventing PLANT from using the GENESIS Superweapon from irradiating the Earth.

After the Bloody Valentine War, the Three Ships Alliance (composed of the Clyne Faction, moderate elements of the Earth Alliance, and remnants of the Orb military) was changed into a covert moderate military and political organization once again operating under the Clyne Faction name. This new faction received aid from the independent intelligence group Terminal, strengthened in numbers and technology thanks to defecting Earth Alliance and ZAFT officers and appears to have thoroughly infiltrated the military command structure of every major faction.[citation needed] It is also implied that Terminal has very well-placed intelligence sources as information about current events such as the Minerva's departure time and the Destroy's rampage across Western Eurasia were received and sent to the proper people within a very short amount of time. And thanks to backing from the Orb Union, Terminal became one of the world's main political and military organizations, although its influence can be called discreet, even subversive[citation needed]. Spawned for the same reasons as the Three Ships Alliance, to achieve and maintain peace and stability between Coordinators and Naturals; the Clyne Faction was lead by Lacus Clyne on the political side and Kira Yamato on the military end.

Despite considerable military expansion by ZAFT and the Atlantic Federation (the strongest member of the Earth Alliance), Terminal too developed advanced military hardware with its large industrial base, which includes a secret underwater base and a mobile suit factory hidden in an asteroid. The ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice, and ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper, all of which were made by Terminal from technology originally developed by ZAFT, are generally on-par or even superior to their ZAFT and Earth Alliance counterparts. Towards the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War, Terminal and Terminal-allied forces consisted of one Archangel Class, one Eternal Class, three Izumo Class, two to three Agamemmnon Class, at least four Nelson Class, at least two Drake Class, at least two Nazca Class and at least two Laurasia Class warships. Their mobile suit forces were spearheaded by the Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, Akatsuki, Gaia, and three DOM Troopers. The main body of their mobile suits were dozens of Murasame, Dagger-L and Windam mobile suits.


CE 71

After stealing the Eternal, the Clyne Faction was joined by Orb's remaining military forces aboard the Izumo-class battleship Kusanagi, and the defected Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel. Both the newest ZAFT mobile suit units, the stolen Freedom and ZGMF-X09A Justice, had already joined the Archangel, but were soon transferred to the Eternal, which was equipped with the METEOR (Mobile suit Embedded Tactical EnfORcer), specifically built for those two units. However, thanks to the assistance of Reverend Malchio, the Three Ships Alliance was able to make contact with several peace-seeking groups in Orb and the EA, and the rest of the Clyne Faction headquartered in the PLANTs. Also, the group received a tender ship, the ReHOME, complements of Reverend Malchio and the Junk Guild.

The new rogue faction became known as the Three Ships Alliance and secretly headquartered on the abandoned Mendel colony. Their purpose was to put an end to the war which was rapidly growing beyond all control, as both the Earth Alliance (now under the control of Blue Cosmos) and ZAFT (under the command of Patrick Zala and his radical extremist faction) now believed that genocide was the only way to achieve victory.

This small fleet succeeded in saving the PLANT colonies from the Earth Alliance's initial nuclear assault, and Earth from the ZAFT's superweapon GENESIS. The Bloody Valentine War came to an end with the help of the Three Ships Alliance, which managed to counteract the threats on the civilian population and put an end to the war, in September, Cosmic Era 71.

CE 73

After the war, the TSA went again underground. The Eternal and Archangel were hidden, and most of the crews moved to Orb, under pseudonyms. After the Second Bloody Valentine War, new factions of Orb's government manipulated it into joining the Earth Alliance, and the Clyne Faction members in Orb took the Archangel and Freedom (both hidden in secret facilities in Orb) and fled. While the Eternal had a quiet role in the war to date, the Archangel actively tried to intervene in EA-ZAFT battles that involved the Orb fleet, with Cagalli Yula Athha trying to appeal to the Orb soldiers to leave the battle. Though the Archangel was joined by a large number of Orb officers and pilots from the sunken Orb carrier Takemikazuchi, ultimately their attempts failed and their interventionist policies have created tension between both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, and they have undoubtedly caused chaos on the battlefield.

Seeing that the Clyne Faction would not be able to achieve their objectives alone, Lacus Clyne relocated to the newly created Terminal organization and its covert orbital factory to oversee its operations. Under her supervision, Terminal constructed new advanced mobile suits - the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice, and ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, as well as the obtaining of the ZGMF-X88S Gaia, and the obtaining and completion of the three prototype ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper units.

At a later stage in the war, the Archangel and ZAFT's battleship Minerva joined forces and fought together against the Earth Alliance's prototype mobile fortress, the GFAS-X1 Destroy. However, ZAFT chairman Gilbert Durandal, fearing the Clyne Faction's potential interference in his plans, declared them to be an enemy of ZAFT and justifying their decision by citing the group's numerous interferences in ZAFT battles. The Minerva later participated in Operation "Angel Down", with the objective of destroying the Archangel. During this conflict, Minerva fired its positron cannon on the fleeing Archangel, and Impulse was able to defeat Freedom with the clever tactics of its pilot Shinn Asuka using Kira Yamato's unwillingness to kill, as the Freedom's pilot. However, the Archangel managed to survive despite being badly damaged while the Freedom was destroyed. Kira Yamato, was saved by Cagalli in the MBF-02 Strike Rouge and the Archangel then continues en route to Orb. The Archangel finally arrives at Orb, where it is repaired in a secret base by Morgenroete.

ZAFT discovered the presence of the Terminal Factory (which also hid the Eternal) and sent a force of three Nazca class battleships to attack it. With the ZGMF-X88S Gaia the only functional mobile suit (and piloted by Andrew Waltfeld), the factory was heavily out-numbered so Eternal in an attempt to draw the ZAFT forces away from it, and prepared to drop the newly-completed ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice and ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom towards Orb should the ship be lost. Fortunately, Kira Yamato arrived in the MBF-02 Strike Rouge via an orbital booster and, after taking possession of the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, defeated all of the pursuing ZAFT forces.

A short time later, during ZAFT's assault on Orb (codenamed Operation Fury), the Archangel participated in the defense of Orb. Meanwhile, Kira Yamato in the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom departed the Eternal and made an unassisted re-entry to help in the battle, while towing the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice (which was being "ridden" by Lacus Clyne) on order to deliver it to Athrun Zala. The three ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper units also participated, arriving from the Eternal via an orbital drop pod. Together with the Archangel, the Eternal's mobile suits successfully defended Orb. After Cagalli regained control over Orb, the crew of the Archangel were formally included into the Orb military. After Durandal exposes his Destiny Plan, The Orb space fleet (including the Archangel, the Kusanagi, and two of the Kusanagi's sister ships), the Eternal, and Terminal-supporting ships from both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance, along with the Kusanagi's sister ships, set out to oppose Durandal's Destiny Plan.

The group once again had the distinction of helping to end the war, when the ORB-01 Akatsuki and ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice destroyed the Requiem superweapon, and the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom destroyed the Messiah mobile space fortress.

Non-governmental organizations


Morgenroete Incorporated (its name is German for "dawn") is a semi-nationalized military contractor based in the Orb Union, with facilities in both the Orb Union proper and at the Orb-owned space colony of Heliopolis. Though part of the neutral nation of Orb, Morgenroete had been secretly collaborating with the Atlantic Federation in its work on new prototype mobile weapons called Gundams under the sponsorship of the Sahaku noble family during the Bloody Valentine War. During construction, Morgenroete did steal intelligence on the prototypes which was used in their own Astray program, but it cost Orb its space colony of Heliopolis when a ZAFT commando team entered and escaped with four of the five G-units built.

Beam weapons, second-generation mobile suit operating systems, the Lohengrin positron blaster cannon (later adapted by ZAFT as the Tannhäuser installed in the bow of the assault ship Minerva), Variable Phase Shift Armor and the Mirage Colloid cloaking device were all developed at Morgenroete either entirely or in part during the war or immediately after, partly under the aegis of chief designer Erica Simmons. More esoteric technologies were also developed at Morgenroete under the aegis of the Sahaku twins, including energy-draining weaponry.

Desert Dawn

The Desert Dawn is a resistance group in ZAFT-occupied Northern Africa.[8] The group is led by Sahib Ashman and its members are recruited from nearby towns like Tassil, Moula, and the city of Banadiya.[8] They were assisted by the Archangel to free North Africa from ZAFT control.

Junk Guild

The Junk Guild is a non-governmental organization devoted to the upkeep, maintenance, and salvage of the technology forming the infrastructure of Cosmic Era society. Thanks to the work of Reverend Malchio, the Junk Guild has non-aggression treaties with all three major factions (Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb) - any person or vessel that bears the emblem of the Junk Guild cannot be denied entry to any treaty signatory, as long as they obey the laws within (though they may be restricted as to where they may go - ZAFT, for example, does not allow Junk Guild members onto the PLANTs unless they are granted special permission.) The Junk Guild is rather decentralized - while there is an overseeing body that governs the Guild as a whole, most of the work is done by small teams of technicians who act independently.

Most Junk Guild teams spend their days either going through battlefields salvaging usable equipment or working under contract. Contracts can vary from salvage operations to repair to recovery of equipment. Large contracts may necessitate multiple Guild teams - it is not uncommon to see a large contingent of Guild techs working on major projects, such as the Giga-Float mobile mass driver. The Guild espouses non-violence - Guild techs will only fight to defend themselves, and even then will refrain from killing unless there is no other option.

Unlike the nations of the world, who prefer to standardize their equipment, Junk Guild equipment is an eclectic mix of whatever they can afford, repair, or salvage. It is not uncommon to see a Guild team using an assortment of repair pods and salvaged ZAFT mobile suits for work in space. Teams tend to stick with lightly armored and armed vessels as bases of operation in space, as they place a premium on cargo space as opposed to combat ability. On Earth, retrofitted military transports are often used - the Lesseps-class transport is popular with the Guild, thanks to its large cargo bay and ease of retrofitting for repair duties - the turrets on the top deck can easily be replaced with manipulator arms.

The Guild acquires new recruits from all walks of life, Natural and Coordinator alike. New recruits undergo basic training and indoctrination, then are sent to a team for on the job training. After a probationary period, the Guild then accepts the recruit as a Guild tech, and they are assigned to a team. Because Junk Techs tend to trust each other (lacking a reason to do otherwise), it is occasionally possible to infiltrate the Junk Guild, as Juri Wu Nien did in an attempt to steal the Red Frame. During the Bloody Valentine War, the Junk Guild team led by "The Professor" discovered the Astray project and recovered the MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame. It was later revealed that the discovery was in fact a result of the Professor's long-time friend Erica Simmons who had informed the Professor of the Astrays and asked her to recover them. The Professor's team was not informed of this until months later, when they entered Orb territorial waters and met with Dr. Simmons. Near the end of the war, Reverend Malchio made arrangements for the Junk Guild to aid the Three Ships Alliance in a non-combat capacity. The Junk Guild space vessel ReHOME served as a tender ship for the Three Ships Alliance until the end of the war.

Serpent Tail

The Serpent Tail is a mercenary group that uses Earth Alliance and ZAFT equipment to get the job done. They have always taken on a job by the highest bidder, and have almost always gotten the job done. Their leader is a Combat Coordinator named Gai Murakumo, who escaped from the Earth Alliance and broke free of his mental conditioning. Gai pilots one of the three Orb Astray prototypes, the rebuilt MBF-P03 Astray Blue Frame Second L, and is considered by many to be the deadliest warrior in the Earth Sphere. This mercenary company has no government whatsoever, and is split up into teams. Gai's team operates from either a captured Laurasia-class frigate or an unmarked civilian freighter, and his subordinates consist of fellow pilot and wingman Elijah Kiel, the ship's captain and intelligence operative Reed Wheeler, explosives expert and tactician Loretta Aja, and client liaison Kazahana Aja.


Aktaeon Industries is Morgenroete's rival competitor. Aktaeon attempted to hire Serpent Tail mercenary Gai Murakumo to sell his MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame's data, but Gai refuses. Aktaeon nearly forced Junk Guild member Lowe Guele to sell his MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame by luring him with a selection of mobile suits and mobile armors and trapping him, and his fellow Junk Guild members in a weapons testing room. Lowe escapes and forces the unnamed executive into paying what the Junk Guild brought. Aktaeon built its first mobile suit, NMS-X07PO Gel Finieto, equipped with the Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader in CE 71. In CE 73, Aktaeon was hired by the Atlantic Federation to upgrade the G-Project mobile suits designed and built by Morgenroete, into the GAT-X1022 Blue Duel, GAT-X103AP Verde Buster, GAT-X105E Strike Noir, GAT-X207SR Nero Blitz, and the GAT-X303AA Rosso Aegis. Actaeon is known for its bribery by attracting with huge sums of money.


Terminal is a non-government affiliated organization which exchanges information with all parties, as well as performing some degree of intelligence evaluation. Although it can viewed as a benevolent underground organization, it seems to be simply a guild of information dealers. Quote from Mark Simmons (toysdream), Bandai's English script consultant for Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny: "While spear-headed by the Clyne Faction, Terminal has kept a low profile and remained neutral throughout the most of the second war." Terminal's agents operated all over the world and its information capabilities rival that of a national intelligence agency although much of their organization and operation still remains unknown. The only base known to be controlled by Terminal is a mobile suit factory & base hidden in an asteroid in a debris field.

Martius Arsenals

Maius Military Industries

Adukurf Mechano-Industries

Adukurf Mechano-Industries is a company specializing in the development of large scale mobile armors. It is run by a wealthy and mysterious industrialist known as Matias Adukurf who is associated with the Earth Alliance and Logos.

World Security Treaty Organization

Founded following the Break the World incident, the World Security Treaty Organization was created to assist with disaster relief and regional stabilization. Although a separate entity from the Earth Alliance, nations that join the Organization become, more or less, allies of the Atlantic Federation. The following nations were all members of the World Security Treaty Organization at its inception: Atlantic Federation, Eurasian Federation, Republic of East Asia, United States of South America, South African Union, Orb Union, Kingdom of Scandinavia and the Equatorial Union. Only the Oceania Union and African Community chose not to join.


GARM R&D (Genetic Advanced Reproductive Medical Research & Development) was a research institute based at the Mendol space colony. It was a leading specialist in Coordinator production until it was abandoned after a biohazard outbreak in CE 68.[9]


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