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The Earth star chakra is a chakra believed by some New Age and Neo-pagan groups to exist in line with one’s spine six inches below the feet [1] [2] (thus, one would be carrying it with oneself six inches below the surface of Earth wherever one walks, and of course six inches below oneself wherever else one goes, as for example when flying on an airplane or doing rock climbing). It is believed to coordinate the “grounding cord” for one’s lightbody that leads to the center of the earth and when functioning properly in coordination with the first chakra (the muladhara chakra) allows one to be grounded and centered (i.e., function effectively on the physical plane by having the ability to do such things as get a good education, hold a job, keep one’s personal finances in order, and stay healthy by getting good nutrition, getting enough physical exercise and not using recreational drugs or not using them to excess).


Function of the earth star chakra

According to the Internet site of the Wingmaker’s New Age Neo-Pagan group based in Christchurch, New Zealand, “It is through this Chakra that we connect to the Earth Plane. This Chakra can be found 6 inches beneath your feet and co-ordinates the grounding cord for your lightbody. Many beings on the Earth Plane have often felt a longing or a yearning to be some place other than on the Earth. Some individuals, in order to cope with the brutality of the Earth Plane, are energetically ungrounded so that they are able to float, as it were, and be in what seems to be a safe zone for them...Incidentally, there is no judgement as to whether our consciousness is here or not here while we are embodied on the Earth. It quite simply needs to be understood that if we wish to be here and participate through our present embodiment in this transformational period upon the Earth Plane, then we need to be grounded...By being grounded we can respond appropriately from every level of our being to every occurrence or experience in life, thereby having the complete experience of being on the Earth Plane as well as being fully present for each of these experiences".[3]

Chakras on soles of the feet and palms of the hands

Related to the earth star chakra is the concept that many New Age groups believe that there are chakras on the soles of one’s feet and on the palms one one’s hands. [4]


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