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Big Finish Productions audio play
Album cover
Earthsearch Mindwarp
Series Earthsearch
Release number 1
Writer James Follett adapted by Jacqueline Rayner
Director Jason Haigh-Ellery

Earthsearch: Mindwarp is a 3 part radio series based on the Mindwarp novel by James Follett. This new series was first broadcast on BBC7 in 2006, beginning on April 2, and the episodes were 45 minutes long.

While it has only a loose connection to the Earthsearch series, it sets the stage for it, and contains many familiar plot elements and character traits.

The series was produced by Big Finish Productions who are also noted for their range of Doctor Who audio dramas. A number of Doctor Who actors appear in Mindwarp including Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) and India Fisher (Charley Pollard). Coincidentally, Mindwarp is also the title often given by fans to one of the segments of The Trial of a Time Lord, a Doctor Who serial featuring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor.


Ewen and Jenine live in the city of Arama, a space surrounded by rock. The people of the city believe that the universe consists purely of rock, with embedded space.

During their studies they find evidence that the rock above the city does in fact come to an end, and that there is a large amount of open space above it.

Eventually they manage to leave the city, and find themselves on the surface of the Earth. They discover that Arama is actually a training centre for interstellar missions to discover new habitable planets.

Having passed the unwitting test of Arama (escaping to the surface), Ewen accepts the position of commander of the next Challenger mission.

The Challenger 3 mission is launched, and work starts on the project that will lead to the Earth being moved to a new solar system (see Earthsearch).


Ewen - Leon Parris

Jenine - India Fisher

Caudo Inman - Colin Baker

Father Datley - Nicholas Courtney

Callie Solont - Michele Livingston



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