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East is a direction in geography. It is one of the four cardinal directions or compass points, opposite of west and at right angles to north and south. East is the direction toward which the Earth rotates about its axis, and therefore the general direction from which the Sun appears to rise. However, in astronomy the east side of the sun is defined opposite with respect to the rotation direction, so it is the direction from which it rotates. ==Etymology== The etymology of east is from a Proto-Indo-European language word for dawn, *hausos. Cf. Latin aurora and Greek eōs. Ēostre, a Germanic goddess of dawn, might have been a personification of both dawn and the cardinal point.
By convention, an ordinary terrestrial map is oriented so the right side is east. This convention dates from the Renaissance. Many medieval maps were oriented with the Orient (the East) east at the top, which is the source of the verb orient.

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Proper noun

  1. (personification) The wind from the east.
    • 1847: Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Princess
      and I sat down and wrote, In such a hand as when a field of corn Bows all its ears before the roaring East
    • 1859: Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities
      uneasy rushes of wind went through the hall [...] East, West, North, and South, through the woods, four heavy-treading, unkempt figures crushed the high grass and cracked the branches


Proper noun

the East
  1. The Eastern world; the regions, primarily situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, whose culture is derived from India or China.
    • 1868: Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone
      I remember a hearty welcome; a prodigious supper, which would have fed a whole village in the East
  2. The Eastern bloc; the eastern countries of Europe.
  3. The eastern states of the United States.
  4. The eastern part of any region.


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  1. The orient (mizrah); the rising of the sun. Thus "the east country" is the country lying to the east of Syria, the Elymais (Zech 8:7).
  2. Properly what is in front of one, or a country that is before or in front of another; the rendering of the word kedem. In pointing out the quarters, a Hebrew always looked with his face toward the east. .The word kedem is used when the four quarters of the world are described (Gen 13:14; 28:14); and mizrah when the east only is distinguished from the west (Josh 11:3; Ps 501; 103:12, etc.^ On February 14, 1965 the home where Malcolm, Betty and their four daughters lived in East Elmhurst, New York was firebombed (the family escaped physical injury).
    • The Official Black History Month Thread! [Archive] - The Superhero Hype! Boards 11 September 2009 3:34 UTC [Source type: General]

    ). In Gen 25:6 "eastward" is literally "unto the land of kedem;" i.e., the lands lying east of Palestine, namely, Arabia, Mesopotamia, etc.
This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.
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