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Location of the proposed East African Federation.

East African Federation is the name of the proposed development of the East African Community. The development would federalize the five member states (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda) into a single state (of the African Union).[1]

The proposed currency would be the East African shilling, beginning in 2010. At 1,820,664 km², the East African Federation would be the fourth largest nation in Africa and sixteenth in the world. With a population of 127,139,000, it would also be the second most populous nation in Africa (after Nigeria) and eleventh in the world. The population density would be 70 people/km². The GDP (PPP) by IMF estimate would be $131,772,000,000 USD and be the fourth largest in Africa and 55th in the world. The GDP per capita would be $1036 USD. The vehicular language would be Swahili and the official one would be English.

It has been suggested that the current East African Community may federalize into a single state by 2013.[2]




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