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Seen from Manhattan Bridge

East Broadway is a two-way east-west street in the Chinatown and Lower East Side neighborhoods of the New York City borough of Manhattan. East Broadway begins at Chatham Square (also known as Kimlau Square) and runs eastward under the Manhattan Bridge, continues past Seward Park and the eastern end of Canal Street, and ends at Grand Street. The western portion of the street is primarily populated by Chinese immigrants (mainly Foochowese from Fuzhou, Fujian), while the eastern portion is home to a large number of Jews. One section in the eastern part of East Broadway, between Clinton Street and Pitt Street, is unofficially referred to by residents as Shteibel Way, since it's lined with approximately ten small synagogues ("shteibels").



The M9 bus runs on East Broadway in both directions between Chatham Square and Canal Street. The M15 bus runs weekdays only on East Broadway in both directions between Chatham Square and Canal Street. The downtown M22 bus runs westward on East Broadway between Pike Street and Chatham Square.

The East Broadway station of the IND Sixth Avenue Line (F) is located near East Broadway.

Fuzhou Immigrants and Community Establishments in New York City

Chatham Square and Lin Zexu Statue
Fukien American Association at East Broadway

Over the late 1980s and 1990s, East Broadway has been a central hub for recently arrived Fujianese (mainly Foochowese) immigrants(more than half are illegal immigrants).[1] With a large Foochowese population, East Broadway is often referred to as Little Fuzhou by Foochowese immigrants.[2] A considerable number of Fujianese clan associations can be found in and around the street, many of which are even specified by clans from certain villages of Fuzhou region, for example, the members of "Fujian Fuqi Association" are from Fuqi Village, Changle County, Fuzhou, Fujian. The Fukien American Association is also located here. Restaurants, markets and intercity bus lines run by Foochowese concentrate in East Broadway.[3][4][5] A statue of Lin Zexu, who was also a Foochowese, was erected in Chatham Square in 1997.

A Second Fuzhou Community Emerging in New York City


Brooklyn's Fuzhou Town(布鲁克福州埠)

In more recent years, there are fewer new Fuzhou immigrants settling in Manhattan's Chinatown. In the past, the Little Fuzhou emerging within Manhattan's Chinatown was the fastest growing Fuzhou community in NYC during the 1990s and it was the first Fuzhou Community established and carried the largest Fuzhou population in NYC. Like Manhattan's Chinatown in the past, Brooklyn's Chinatown was originally an all Cantonese community, but during the 2000s, as the Fuzhou immigrant growth slowed in Manhattan's Chinatown, the Fuzhou immigrant growth began to increase in Brooklyn's Chinatown and today Brooklyn's Chinatown on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park is home to the fastest increasing Fuzhou population than in Manhattan's Chinatown and all other Chinese communities in NYC and Brooklyn's Chinatown is now home to mostly Fuzhou immigrants. Since Brooklyn's Chinatown is smaller than Manhattan's Chinatown and with the rapidly increasing Fuzhou population in Brooklyn's Chinatown, it is very quickly becoming the New Little Fuzhou or Brooklyn's East Broadway(布鲁克東百老匯) and is replacing the Little Fuzhou on East Broadway and Eldridge street portion within Manhattan's Chinatown as the largest Fuzhou population/community in NYC and will be more like Fuzhou Town(福州埠) than Little Fuzhou because it is also emerging beyond the current borderlines of the Chinese Community. Unlike the Fuzhou population is emerging throughout Brooklyn's Chinatown, the Fuzhou population in Manhattan's Chinatown remains mostly concentrated in the East Broadway and Eldridge Street portion and the surrounding areas still continues to be mostly Cantonese populated and some parts moderately Cantonese populated. [6]

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