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The 1st Battalion of the East Lancashire Regiment of the British Army was formed in 1881 from the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot and the 2nd Battalion from the 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot as part of the Childers Reforms.[1]. Many additional Battalions of the East Lancs were raised in 1914, 1915, and 1916 as England needed more troops for the Great War. Various Battalions of the Regiment served in France and Flanders from 1914 to the Armistice. The Regiment saw most of its action in the Ypres Salient and suffered heavy losses in the Battle of Poelcappelle and the First and Second Battles of Passchendale.[2][3][4]

Between the Wars the East Lancs served in many conflicts including Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Turkey, Palestine and the North West Frontier of India. The Regiment served on many fronts during the Second World War and the Middle East, Malaya, the Suez Canal Zone, and Aden in the post-war period. In 1958 the Regiment was amalgamated with The South Lancashire Regiment to form The Lancashire Regiment. In 1970 The Lancashire Regiment amalgamated with The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment to form The Queen's Lancashire Regiment.[5]

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