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East Sister Island
East Sister Island
Location Lake Erie
Coordinates 41°48′47″N 82°51′23″W / 41.81306°N 82.85639°W / 41.81306; -82.85639Coordinates: 41°48′47″N 82°51′23″W / 41.81306°N 82.85639°W / 41.81306; -82.85639
Archipelago Sister Islands
Major islands East Sister Island and West Sister Island
Area 15 Hectares
Province Ontario
County Essex
Township Pelee
Population uninhabited nature reserve

East Sister Island is a 15 hectare island in Ontario, located within Lake Erie, maintained as a Provincial Nature Reserve. [1] This large, wooded, Lake Erie island is uninhabited except for thousands of birds. The nearby West Sister Island is in Ohio in the United States.

Flora and Fauna

The island has become the home of a breeding colony of double-crested cormorants. Their droppings have threatened the forest, a relict of Carolinian forest in southern Ontario. [2] Unusual species on the island include the wild hyacinth [3] and the Lake Erie water snake, Nerodia sipedon insularum.[4]


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