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Eastern Continental Divide
Eastern Divide
The Eastern Continental Divide divide, shown in yellow on map, divides waters flowing to the Atlantic Ocean from those draining to the Gulf of Mexico.
Country  United States
Range Appalachian Mountains

The Eastern Continental Divide, in conjunction with other continental divides of North America, demarcates two watersheds of the Atlantic Ocean: the Gulf of Mexico watershed and the Atlantic Seaboard watershed. Prior to 1760, the Divide represented the boundary between British and French colonial possessions in North America (France claimed the drainage areas of the Mississippi River and the Saint Lawrence River.) The ECD runs south-southwest from the Eastern Triple Divide through several Atlantic Seaboard states (and West Virginia) to the watershed of the Florida Bay, which is adjacent to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Wikiarticles identifying ECD points
wikiarticle coordinates summit or other feature
PA: Eastern Triple Divide 2,420 feet (740 m) triple watershed point located at the intersection of North American watersheds of the Atlantic Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence at the respective Pennsylvania headwaters of Pine Creek (West Branch Susquehanna River), the Allegheny River, and the Genesee River.
PA: Babcock Ridge
PA: List of tunnels in Pennsylvania 2,167 feet (661 m)40°28′53″N 78°33′01″W / 40.48139°N 78.55028°W / 40.48139; -78.55028 summit above Allegheny/Gallitzin Tunnels
PA: Allegheny Mountain (Pennsylvania) 2,690 feet (820 m)39°57′41″N 78°51′24″W / 39.96139°N 78.85667°W / 39.96139; -78.85667 summit above Allegheny Mountain Tunnel (Pennsylvania Turnpike)
PA: Allegheny Mountain (Pennsylvania) 2,460 feet (750 m)39°48′37″N 78°57′38″W / 39.81028°N 78.96056°W / 39.81028; -78.96056 summit above Sand Patch Tunnel
PA: Savage Mountain 2,392 feet (729 m)[1]39°45′12″N 78°54′58″W / 39.75333°N 78.91611°W / 39.75333; -78.91611 railroad cut on Great Allegheny Passage
PA/MD: Mason-Dixon Line 2,840 feet (870 m)39°43′21″N 78°54′51″W / 39.7225°N 78.91417°W / 39.7225; -78.91417 highest summit of the Mason-Dixon Line
MD: Savage Mountain 2,600 feet (790 m)39°30′27″N 79°13′9″W / 39.5075°N 79.21917°W / 39.5075; -79.21917 saddle point at planned route of 1828 C&O Canal
MD: Backbone Mountain 3,380 feet (1,030 m)39°14′15″N 79°29′8″W / 39.2375°N 79.48556°W / 39.2375; -79.48556 highest Backbone summit on ECD (near Maryland/West Virginia border)
WV: Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Midland Trail (West Virginia): planned crossing for the 19th century James River and Kanawha Turnpike
WV: Dolly Sods Wilderness
WV: Mountain Lake Wilderness
VA: Jefferson National Forest 3,620 feet (1,100 m)37°20′27″N 80°32′4″W / 37.34083°N 80.53444°W / 37.34083; -80.53444 saddle point at Johns Creek headwaters, tributary of James River (Virginia) and near the
triple watershed point of: Mississippi (west), Chesapeake (northeast), & Albemarle Sound/Roanoke River (southeast)
VA: Eastern Continental Trail crossing
TN: Cohutta Wilderness triple watershed point: Mississippi (northwest), Mobile Bay (southwest), and (east)
NC: Highlands, North Carolina 4,100 feet (1,200 m)35°3′15″N 83°12′8″W / 35.05417°N 83.20222°W / 35.05417; -83.20222 Swannanoa Tunnel
GA: Black Rock Mountain State Park 3,680 feet (1,120 m)34.91472°N 83.34389°W / 34.91472°N 83.34389°W / 34.91472; -83.34389[1] a Blue Ridge summit
GA: triple watershed point of: Mobile Bay (northwest), ACF River Basin (southwest), and (east)
GA: Fall line of the United States near Macon, Georgia, this intersection is a triple physiographic point of the Piedmont (to the north) and the Gulf & [[Atlantic coastal plain]s (southwest & southeast).
FL: Central Florida Florida Trail crossing over the Florida crustal arch
FL: St. Johns River/Miami River triple watershed point
FL: Miami River/Kissimmee River triple watershed point


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