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One definition of the Eastern Mediterranean (with Syria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq highlighted.)

The Eastern Mediterranean is a term with varying definitions that denotes the lands or states geographically in the eastern, to the east of, or around the east of the Mediterranean Sea, or with cultural affinities to this region. Some definitions include Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Iraq.[1][2][3][4][5] This region is also known as the Levant or Fertile Crescent.

Mediterranean culture

The Eastern Mediterranean peoples are tied together not only by geographic position, but by Mediterranean ethnicity, food, customs, traditions, language, and a very long history. The Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and Maronite Cypriot peoples speak Mediterranean Arabic, also known as Levantine Arabic. Mediterranean colloquial Arabic is distinct from the other Arabic vernaculars, in that it is saturated with Aramaic, Syriac or Greek words and names. Another example of Mediterranean heritage in language is the use of the Phoenician months by all Eastern Mediterranean peoples including Israelis.


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