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The Eastern Mountain Coal Fields is a region in Kentucky including more than 30 counties and parts of counties. It covers an area from the Appalachian Mountains in the east to the Cumberland Plateau and the Pottsville Escarpment in the west and is known for its coal mining and agriculture, although most family farms in the region have disappeared since the introduction of surface mining in the 1940s and '50s. The region is part of Appalachia.

The Daniel Boone National Forest is located here in rough but beautiful terrain. There are many natural arches and sandstone cliffs that are excellent for rock climbing and rappeling. The Red River Gorge, contained by the National Forest, is known world wide in rock climbing circles.

The Sheltowee Trace Trail runs 420-430 km north and south through the Eastern Mountain Coal Fields region.

During the American Civil War pockets of this region leaned toward the Union due to its makeup at the time of mostly small farmers who had to compete against large plantations that used slave labor and held power in the state government. The city of Vanceburg has the only monument to the Union soldiers from the area who died in combat in the war. More than 2,000 men from this area formed the 5th. Kentucky Vol. Inf., known as the Army of Eastern Kentucky, under Gen. Humphrey Marshall, C.S.A.

Eastern Kentucky has a rich musical heritage. A large number of nationally acclaimed country music singers and musicians are from the area. These include:


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