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Ebdo Mihemed (Arabic: Abdo Mohamad[1]) is a Kurdish wedding singer from Efrin, Syria[2]. He became popular in Finland in autumn 2009 because of a YouTube video which gathered over two million viewers.[3]

On the video, a Kurdish language song sung by Mihemed is buffalaxed into Finnish. The title of the Finnish buffalax is Niilin hanhet ("The Geese of the Nile") after a phrase repeated in the refrain. Another phrase repeated in the soramimi is Pensseli-setä ("Uncle Paintbrush"), which also became a nickname for Mihemed in Finland. Several other videos of Mihemed buffalaxed into Finnish have also appeared on YouTube, such as Mursuvaara ("Danger of Walruses"), Lakana ("The Sheet") and Mihemmedin Eskimolaulu ("Mihemmed's Eskimo Song").[4] The television production company Filmiteollisuus brought Mihemed to perform in Finland in November 2009. He appeared on the show Ne Salmiset.[3]

On December 9, 2009, a music album of Pensseli-setä was released in Finland.[5]

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