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The Ebro River, in Spain

The '''Ebro Treaty''' was a [[treaty]] signed in [[226 BC]] by [[Hasdrubal the Fair]] of [[Carthage]] and the [[Roman Republic]], which fixed the river [[Ebro]] in [[Iberian Peninsula|Iberia]] as the boundary between the two powers. Under the terms of the treaty, Carthage would not expand north of the Ebro, as long as Rome likewise did not expand to the south of the river. In [[219 BC]], [[Roman Republic|Rome]], fearing the growing strength of [[Hannibal Barca|Hannibal]] in Iberia, made an alliance with the city of [[Saguntum]] which lay a considerable <nowiki>distance south of the Ebro and claimed the city as its protectorate. Hannibal perceived this as a breach of the treaty and so laid siege to the city, which fell after eight months. Rome reacted to this apparent violation of the treaty and demanded justice from Carthage. The result was a declaration of war by Carthage on Rome. This became known as the Second Punic War, which lasted from 218 to 202 BC.</nowiki>

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