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The glyph for Ecatepec. Its name is represented by a hill (tepetl) and the face of the wind god (Ehecatl).

Ecatepec (Nahuatl for "wind hill") was an Aztec altepetl or city-state in the Valley of Mexico.


From 1428 to 1539, Ecatepec was ruled by a tlatoani (literally "speaker"). The tlatoque (plural of tlatoani) of Ecatepec were closely related to the ruling dynasty of Tenochtitlan.

  1. Chimalpilli I, grandson of Moctezuma I.
  2. Tezozomoc, son of Chimalpopoca.
  3. Matlaccohuatl, whose daughter Teotlalco married Moctezuma II.
  4. Chimalpilli II, son of Ahuitzotl.
  5. Diego Huanitzin, grandson of Axayacatl.

Diego Huanitzin was subsequently made tlatoani of Tenochtitlan by Antonio de Mendoza, viceroy of New Spain.


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