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Ed Benes
Born José Edilbenes Bezerra
Alto Santo, Ceara Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Area(s) Penciller, Inker
Notable works Birds of Prey
Justice League of America
Official website

José Edilbenes Bezerra (born 1972 in Alto Santo, Ceara Brazil) is a Brazilian comic book artist, better known by his pen name of Ed Benes. He is best known for his work at DC Comics on such titles as Birds of Prey, Supergirl, Superman, and Justice League of America.



Ed Benes began drawing on his own in 1989, referencing the artwork from his brother's comic books. [1] His debut into comic books was Samuree, for Continuity Comics in 1993. That opportunity happened when Benes was sending test drawings for a portfolio and was discovered by Neal Adams. [2] In the late 1990s, he drew for multiple comic book titles, including Captain America, Iron Man and Silver Surfer.

He became familiarized by his drawings of superhero pin-up girls, but matured significantly as an artist, as he continued penciling more work such as Wildstorm Comics' Gen¹³. He productively provided pencil work for Justice League of America (vol. 2), having drawn issues 0-7, 9-10, 12, 14-15, 17-19, 23 and 27. Following Justice League he did a single issue of Batman in June 2009, [3] with an issue of Teen Titans Vol 3 #38 following in July of the same year. Benes is currently positioned in a few fill-in issues and a variety of covers for DC Comics such as the Red Tornado series.[4]

Because his primary language is Portuguese, Benes works almost exclusively through translators in order for him to effectively communicate with his American co-workers. Brad Meltzer made special note of this in the first hardcover collection of Justice League of America, fearing that a key scene wouldn't be illustrated correctly because of Meltzer's specific details. Fortunately, DC's translator Joe Prado translated every word of Meltzer's instructions, and Meltzer praised both men by saying "every detail is in there..."

Ed Benes has also began a studio for aspiring comic book artists who want to learn from a professional on how to find work in the comic industry. "The Ed Benes Studio currently offers several courses on illustration and the art and technique of sequential storytelling. In addition, the Studio also hosts a wide range of lectures and workshops specifically designed to help improve an artist’s core skill sets that are essential for an artist to be able to succeed and adapt in today’s ever-expanding comics art and illustration market." [5]


Cover to Supergirl #78. Art by Ed Benes.

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