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Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood, 2008
Born 1959 (1959)
Occupation writer, game designer
Nationality Canada
Writing period 1987-
Genres role-playing games, fantasy

Ed Greenwood (born 1959) is a Canadian writer and editor who created the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting.

In 1987, Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb wrote the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set for TSR—though Greenwood had used the Forgotten Realms for his home Dungeons & Dragons campaign since 1975. The spawned campaign world was a success, and he has been involved with all subsequent incarnations of the Forgotten Realms in D&D. Greenwood's most lasting character from the setting is the wizard Elminster, whom he portrayed (at TSR's request) for a number of years at conventions and as a participant in the RPGA's Living City campaign.

Since the release of the Forgotten Realms, Greenwood has published many Forgotten Realms novels, as listed below. He retains certain rights of his setting, but is essentially a freelance author.



  • Shandril's Saga
    • Spellfire (1988);
    • Crown of Fire (1994);
    • Hand of Fire (2002)
  • The Elminster Series
    • Elminster: The Making of a Mage (1994);
    • Elminster In Myth Drannor (1997);
    • The Temptation of Elminster (1998);
    • Elminster In Hell (2001);
    • Elminster's Daughter (2004)
  • The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy
  • The Cormyr Saga
    • Cormyr: A Novel (1996);
    • Death of the Dragon (2000)
  • The Harpers
    • Crown of Fire (see above);
    • Stormlight (1996)
  • Double Diamond Triangle Saga
  • Sembia
    • "The Burning Chalice" - The Halls of Stormweather: A Novel In Seven Parts (2000)
  • The Knights of Myth Drannor Trilogy
    • Swords of Eveningstar (2006);
    • Swords of Dragonfire (August 2007);
    • The Sword never sleeps (November 2008);
  • Other titles
    • Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters (1999)

Anthology Novellas

  • "One Comes Unheralded, to Zirta" - originally written in 1967, published in Best of the Realms 2 (2005);
  • "Elminster at the Mage Fair" - Realms of Valor (1993);
  • "So High A Price" - Realms of Infamy (1994);
  • "The Eye of the Dragon" - Realms of Magic (1995);
  • "A Slow Day In Skullport" - Realms of the Underdark (1996);
  • "The Whispering Crown" - Realms of the Arcane (1997);
  • "The Place Where Guards Snore at their Posts" - Realms of the Deep (2000);
  • "When Shadows Come Seeking A Throne" - Realms of Shadow (2002)

Non-Forgotten Realms Novels

  • Band of Four Series
    • The Kingless Land (2000)
    • The Vacant Throne (2001)
    • A Dragon's Ascension (2002)
    • The Dragon's Doom (2003)
    • The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta (2004)
  • Falconfar Series
  • Novel of Niflheim Series
    • Dark Warrior Rising: A Novel of Niflheim (Tor Books 2007)
    • Dark Vengeance (Tor Books 2008)

Other Activities

Greenwood has published over two hundred articles in Dragon Magazine and Polyhedron Newszine, is a lifetime charter member of the Role Playing Game Association (RPGA) network, has written over thirty books and modules for TSR, and been Gen Con Game Fair guest of honor several times.

He has also contributed to most Forgotten Realms gaming accessories, and authored many more—including the detailed Volo's Guide series—and continues to DM his own campaign. He writes regular Realmslore columns for the Wizards of the Coast website, and frequents the Candlekeep web forums (where he may be contacted).

In addition to all these activities, Greenwood works as a library clerk (and sometimes as a librarian) and has edited over a dozen small press magazines. When not appearing at conventions, he lives in an old farmhouse in the countryside of Ontario.

Media Mentions

Ed Greenwood has appeared in the following newspaper and magazine articles, websites and podcasts.


  • Open Design[1]: Open Design 004: Dwarves of the Ironcrags[2]. Ed provides the voice for the introduction to this show.
  • RPG Countdown[3]: Ed appeared on these episodes: 29 July 2009[4] (Kobold Quarterly 010).


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