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Edgar Valdez Villarreal
Born August 11, 1973
Laredo, TX, USA
Other names La Barbie
Occupation Drug trafficking, hitman
Employer Beltrán-Leyva Cartel
Known for Drug cartel lieutenant
$2 million dollars reward in Mexico.[1]

Edgar Valdez Villarreal (born August 11, 1973) also known as La Barbie, is a Mexican-American drug trafficker working in the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel as a lieutenant and is the primary operator of the armed group, Los Negros.[2][3] Villarreal's nickname, La Barbie, originates from his light complexion and blue eyes, similar to that of a Ken doll. Villarreal originates from Laredo, Texas.[4][5]

Charges and defense

The police have been searching for Villarreal since his 2002 indictment on two counts of conspiracy with the intent to distribute marijuana. In the police attempts to capture Villarreal, they have raided homes he has rented, locating grenades, automatic weapons and police uniforms.

Villarreal has pleaded innocent, taking out ads in the local Nuevo Laredo newspaper, El Norte, describing himself as: "... a legitimate businessman who had been forced to leave Nuevo Laredo and move to the neighboring state of Coahuila because he was being harassed for bribes by local police officers."[6]

Los Negros

It is believed Villarreal leads the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel enforcement arm, Los Negros.[2][3] Los Negros were engaged in a drug war in the Nuevo Laredo region against the Gulf Cartel's enforcement arm, Los Zetas, however, they have now forged an alliance. Los Negros orchestrate kidnappings and recruit operatives, including police officers, military personnel and federal agents, according to the attorney general's office.

While the group is controlled directly by Villarreal, it is overseen by Beltrán Levya brothers.[7] Los Negros have been known to employ local gangs such as MS-13 and Mexican Mafia to carry out murders and other illegal activities.[8]


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