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Edges of Darkness

Movie poster
Directed by Blaine Cade
Jason Horton
Produced by Stephen Kayo
Written by Blaine Cade
Jason Horton
Starring Annemarie Pazmino
Lee Perkins
Michelle Rose
Music by Pakk Hui
Cinematography James L. Bills
Editing by Jason Horton
Studio Zapruter Productions
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 87 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25,000

Edges of Darkness is a direct to DVD zombie movie that was released in 2009. The plot is about three interconnected tales of terror set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The stories were directed by: Jason Horton wrote and directed Overbite (the vampire story) and Up the Ante (Anti christ story) Blaine Cade wrote and directed Entanglement (The computer story).[1]



Edges of Darkness tells the tales of three groups of survivors held up in an apartment complex during a zombie apocalypse. With their food supply dwindling, a vampire couple kidnaps a young girl. They intend to bleed her slowly to survive. Of course things don't go exactly as planned. Dean, an obsessed horror writer is holed up with his neglected wife, Dana. Dean keeps his sanity by burying himself in his writing. He installs a new processor to run his computer on their limited generator power, but soon finds out there's a high price to pay. Heather, a survival nut, rescues a young mother and her son from a horde of zombies. She takes them back to the complex. However, she soon discovers the mother and son are on the run from a group of renegade priests hellbent on destroying the boy.[2]


  • Alonzo F. Jones as Stan
  • Shamika Ann Franklin as Stellie
  • Annemarie Pazmino as Natalie
  • Lee Perkins as Paul
  • Michelle Rose as Heather
  • Xavier Jones as Marcus
  • Jay Costelo as Dean
  • Alisha Gaddis as Dana
  • Robert Kitchen as Priest
  • Wayne Baldwin as Morris
  • Damon Burks as Daemon


Reviews of the video were mixed. stated in its review, "[Edges of Darkness is] not really anything above a B-level, straight-to-video product...Low budget films aren’t usually known for their award-winning dialogue or fine acting, and “Edges of Darkness” conforms to the standard. The dialogue never feels “real,” and the acting is pretty wooden. That said, I can see several of these actors advancing in their careers."[3] was more positive giving Edges of Darkness a 3 out of 5, "When thinking back on Edges of Darkness, the positives far outweigh the bad. The independent film market is flooded with flops that don’t try in the least to break new ground, but Jason Horton and his crew created something that breathes life into a tired and clichéd subgenre. Edges of Darkness is certainly an anthology that should be expanded as it employs many creative ideas and a cast of memorable characters."[4] gave the movie a 6 out of 10 stars, explaining, "Can the writing and characterizations, alone, hold the film together? From a sheer entertainment factor the answer is yes; however, the sparseness of action sequences during the end of the world seems bizarre as the entry of even more characters and sub-plots near the middle of film adds to the absurdity of the story."[5]

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