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Lord Zouche.

Edward la Zouche, 11th Baron Zouche, (6 June 1556 – 18 August 1625), was the son of George la Zouche, 10th Baron Zouche and his wife Margaret, née Welby.

He was a royal ward from 1570, matriculated from Trinity College, Cambridge in Easter 1570, M.A. 1571;[1] admitted to Gray’s Inn, 1575; and a Commissioner for the trial of Mary, Queen of Scots, at Fotheringhay, October 1586. He lived and travelled abroad from 1583 to 1587.

Among his offices were:

  • Ambassador to Scotland, January–April 1594
  • Ambassador to Denmark, June–July 1598
  • Deputy Governor of Guernsey 1600-01
  • Lord President of the Council of Wales, 14 June 1602–1607
  • Privy Counsellor 11 May 1603
  • Commissioner of Claims for the Coronation of James I, 7 July 1603
  • Commissioner for compounding for knighthoods, 17 July 1603
  • Commissioner to banish Jesuits, 5 September 1604
  • Commissioner to inquire into injuries done by pirates, 16 July 1609
  • Councillor for the Virginia Company, 23 May 1609
  • Councillor for New England, 3 Nov 1602
  • Commissioner to treat with France 4 July 1610
  • Commissioner for the Treasury 16 June 1612–1614
  • Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle for life, 13 July 1615, (resigned to the Duke of Buckingham, November 1614)
  • Commissioner for the rendition of Flushing and Brill, 21 May 1616
  • Privy Councillor (Scotland) 29 June 1617
  • Commissioner to inquire into abuses in the Treasury, 10 July 1618
  • Commissioner of Ecclesiastical Causes, 29 April 1620 and 21 January 1624/5
  • Commissioner for defective titles of lands, 4 July 1622 and 26 July 1623.

From 1605, his main residence was Bramshill House in Hampshire. About the 27 March 1616, the King's Master Shipwright, Sir Phineas Pett, had bargained with Sir Walter Raleigh to build a vessel of 500 tons, and received £500 from him on that account. The King, through the under the recommendation of the Lord Admiral, allowed Pett to lay her keel on the galley dock at Woolwich royal dockyard. In the same year he was commissioned by the Lord Zouche, then Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, to construct a pinnace of 40 tons, in respect of which Pett remarks:

towards the whole of the hull of the pinnace, and all her rigging, I received only £100 from the Lord Zouche, the rest Sir Henry Mainwaring (half-brother to Raleigh) cunningly received on my behalf, without my knowledge, which I never got from him but by piecemeal, so that by the bargain I was loser £100 at least."

About 1578 he married his cousin Eleanor Zouche, daughter of Sir John Zouche and Eleanor, née Whalley. They had two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, and lived apart after 1582. Her father, Sir John Zouche, wrote to Lord Burghley complaining of her treatment:

My Lord Souche (sic} put away this his lady twenty-nine years ago and refusing her all allowance was by law sentenced there-unto, which he not performing was excomunicate; from which he went beyond sea and returning was ordered to pay her 50s the week, from which poor allowance with a small addition from her friends hath this Baron's wife...ever since lived. She was oft dangerously sick that physic was chargeable. He never disbursed a penny, and now dead she might have rotted in her chamber ere he would have buried her.

She was buried in April, 1611, and about six months later Edward married Sarah, daughter of Sir James Harington, and formerly wife of Francis Hastings, styled Lord Hastings, and of Sir George Kingsmill. There were no children of this marriage, and on his death the Barony of Zouche fell into abeyance between his daughter Mary and the heirs of his daughter Elizabeth, the abeyance being terminated in 1815 in favor of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, 12th Baron Zouche.


  1. ^ Zouche, Edward La in Venn, J. & J. A., Alumni Cantabrigienses, Cambridge University Press, 10 vols, 1922–1958.

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Political offices
Preceded by
The Earl of Pembroke
Lord President of Wales
Lord Lieutenant of Wales
(less Glamorgan and Monmouthshire),
Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire

1602 – 1607
Succeeded by
The Lord Eure
Honorary titles
Preceded by
Robert Carr
Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
1615 – 1625
Succeeded by
The Duke of Buckingham
Peerage of England
Preceded by
George la Zouche
Baron Zouche
1569 – 1625
Succeeded by
Cecil Bisshopp


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