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Edwin Charles Tubb
Born October 15, 1919
London, England
Occupation Author
Nationality United Kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Westerns

Edwin Charles Tubb (born 15 October 1919) is a British writer of science fiction, fantasy and western novels. The author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas, Tubb is best known for The Dumarest Saga (US collective title: Dumarest of Terra) an epic science-fiction saga set in the far future. Michael Moorcock wrote "His reputation for fast-moving and colourful SF writing is unmatched by anyone in Britain."[1]

Much of Tubb's work has been written under pseudonyms including Charles Grey, Carl Maddox, Alan Guthrie, Eric Storm and George Holt. He has used more than 50 pen names over five decades of writing although some of these were publishers' house names also used by other writers: Volsted Gridban (along with John Russell Fearn), Gill Hunt (with John Brunner and Dennis Hughes), King Lang (with George Hay and John W Jennison), Roy Sheldon (with H. J. Campbell) and Brian Shaw.



Tubb was born in London and currently resides there.


An avid reader of pulp science-fiction and fantasy in his youth, Tubb found that he had a particular talent as a writer of stories in that genre when his short story 'No Short Cuts' was published in New Worlds magazine in 1951. He opted for a full time career as a writer and soon became renowned for the speed and diversity of his output.

Tubb contributed to many of the science fiction magazines of the 1950s including Futuristic Science Stories, Science Fantasy, Nebula and Galaxy Science Fiction. He contributed heavily to Authentic Science Fiction - primarily with stories of Dusty Dribble, interplanetary conman - editing the magazine for nearly two years, from February 1956 until it folded in October 1957. During this time, he found it so difficult to find good writers to contribute to the magazine, that he often wrote most of the stories himself under a variety of pseudonyms: one issue of Authentic (issue 68, April 1956) was written entirely by Tubb, including the letters column.

His main work in the science fiction genre, the Dumarest series, appeared from the 1960s through the 1980s, and has recently been resumed. His second major series, the Cap Kennedy series, was written in the 1970s.

Still writing today, in recent years he has been updating many of his 1950s science fiction novels for 21st century readers.

Tubb was one of the co-founders of the British Science Fiction Association.


Tubb was guest of Honour at Heicon, the 1970 World Science Fiction Convention, in Heidelberg, Germany. He was a five-time winner of the Nebula Science Fiction Magazine Literary Award (1953-1958) and the recipient of the 1955 Cytricon Literary Award for Best British SF Writer.



The Dumarest saga

Tubb's best known series is the The Dumarest Saga (US collective title: Dumarest of Terra) a far future epic science-fiction saga charting the adventures of traveler Earl Dumarest as he attempts to find his way back to his home planet, Earth, from a region of space so far distant that the existence of the planet is believed to be nothing more than a myth. Originally written in what Michael Moorcock has described as a "conscious and acknowledged imitation" of Leigh Brackett 's Eric John Stark stories, the series subsequently developed a style of storytelling unique to Tubb. Published over a span of more than 40 years, the Dumarest Saga currently comprises 33 novels (a 34th is currently in preparation). The 33rd, which brings closure to Dumarest's search for Earth, was published in 2008 by Homeworld Press of Chicago. A pair of Dumarest short stories, entitled 'Child of Earth' and 'Figona' and published in the science fiction anthologies Fantasy Adventures 1 (2002) and Fantasy Adventures 2 (2003), are extracts from this longer work.

Cap Kennedy series

Tubb's other main novel series, Cap Kennedy, is space opera in the style of Perry Rhodan. Known as F.A.T.E. in the UK (where only the first six books have ever been published), the novels follow the adventures of Captain Kennedy, an intergalactic investigator and Free Acting Terran Envoy (F.A.T.E.) of the Mobile Aid Laboratories and Construction Authorities (M.A.L.A.C.A.) who is assisted by his team of companions, engineer Penza Saratov, veteran scientist Professor Jarl Luden, and the human chameleon Veem Chemile. Tubb wrote 17 Cap Kennedy novels, all under the pseudonym Gregory Kern.

Space 1999 novelizations

To fans of Gerry Anderson's 1975 science fiction television series Space: 1999, Tubb is the author of six novels based on the program. Breakaway (1975), Collision Course (1975) and Earthbound (2003) are novelizations of 11 scripts written for the series' first season format (including two that were subsequently filmed as second season episodes), while Alien Seed (1976), Rogue Planet (1976) and Earthfall (1977, revised 2002) are original novels set within the first season continuity. The latter rejected the format changes of the TV series' second season to provide a conclusion to the Space 1999 story. He is also the author of a short story in the forthcoming collection of Space: 1999 stories released by Powys Media titled Shepherd Moon.

Other science fiction

Tubb's best known standalone work is The Space-Born (1956), which started life as a serial for New Worlds entitled 'Star Ship'. A 'generational starship' story, the book tells of a society who are the sixteenth generation of the original crew of a vast starship on a three hundred year journey to Pollux from Earth. The plot centers on a protagonist whose job is to eliminate anyone who has become a burden to the society, through ill health, mental instability or old age - specifically anyone over 40.

Other genres

Outside the field of science fiction, Tubb wrote 11 western novels and a foreign legion novel for Badger Books. Once again, many of these were published under a variety of pseudonyms, including the house name "Chuck Adams" which was also used by other authors.

Bibliography (complete)

The Dumarest Saga (US: Dumarest of Terra)

  1. The Winds of Gath (1967) (original UK title: Gath [1968])
  2. Derai (1968)
  3. Toyman (1969)
  4. Kalin (1969)
  5. The Jester at Scar (1970)
  6. Lallia (1971)
  7. Technos (1972)
  8. Veruchia (1973)
  9. Mayenne (1973)
  10. Jondelle (1973)
  11. Zenya (1974)
  12. Eloise (1975)
  13. Eye of the Zodiac (1975)
  14. Jack of Swords (1976)
  15. Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun (1976)
  16. Haven of Darkness (1977)
  17. Prison of Night (1977)
  18. Incident on Ath (1978)
  19. The Quillian Sector (1978)
  20. Web of Sand (1979)
  21. Iduna's Universe (1979)
  22. The Terra Data (1980)
  23. World of Promise (1980)
  24. Nectar of Heaven (1981)
  25. The Terridae (1981)
  26. The Coming Event (1982)
  27. Earth is Heaven (1982)
  28. Melome (1983) (published in UK with Angado [1984] as Melome and Angado [1988])
  29. Angado (1984) (published in UK with Melome [1983] as Melome and Angado [1988])
  30. Symbol of Terra (1984) (published in UK with The Temple of Truth [1985] as Symbol of Terra and The Temple of Truth [1989])
  31. The Temple of Truth (1985) (published in UK with Symbol of Terra [1985] as Symbol of Terra and The Temple of Truth [1989])
  32. The Return (1997) (written 1985 but previously only published in French language as Le Retour [1992])
  33. Child of Earth (2008)
  • The Winds of Gath / Derai (1973) (omnibus edition of The Winds of Gath [1967] and Derai [1968])
  • Mayenne and Jondelle (1981) (omnibus edition of Mayenne [1973] and Jondelle [1973])
  • Dumarest of Terra Omnibus (2005) (omnibus edition of The Winds of Gath [1967], Derai [1968], Toyman [1969] and Kalin [1969])

Cap Kennedy (UK: F.A.T.E.)

All as by Gregory Kern

  1. Galaxy of the Lost (1973)
  2. Slave Ship from Sergan (1973)
  3. Monster of Metelaze (1973)
  4. Enemy Within the Skull (1974)
  5. Jewel of Jarhen (1974)
  6. Seetee Alert! (1974)
  7. The Gholan Gate (1974)
  8. The Eater of Worlds (1974)
  9. Earth Enslaved (1974)
  10. Planet of Dread (1974)
  11. Spawn of Laban (1974)
  12. The Genetic Buccaneer (1974)
  13. A World Aflame (1974)
  14. The Ghosts of Epidoris (1975)
  15. Mimics of Dephene (1975)
  16. Beyond the Galactic Lens (1975)
  17. The Galactiad (1983) (written 1976 but previously only published in German language as Das Kosmiche Duelle [1976])


  1. Breakaway (1975)
  2. Collision Course (1975)
  3. Alien Seed (1976)
  4. Rogue Planet (1976)
  5. Earthfall (1977)
  6. Earthfall (2002) (revised reprint of Earthfall [1977])
  7. Earthbound (2003)

The Gladiators

All as by Edward Thomson

  1. Atilus the Slave (1975)
  2. Atilus the Gladiator (1975)
  3. Gladiator (1978)

The Chronicles of Malkar

  1. Death God's Doom (1999)
  2. The Sleeping City (1999)

Other science fiction works

  • Saturn Patrol (1951), as by King Lang
  • Planetfall (1951), as by Gill Hunt
  • Argentis (1952), as by Brian Shaw
  • Alien Impact (1952)
  • Alien Universe (1952), as by Volsted Gridban
  • Reverse Universe (1952), as by Volsted Gridban
  • Atom War on Mars (1952)
  • Panetoid Disposals Ltd. (1953), as by Volsted Gridban
  • Debracy's Drug (1953), as by Volsted Gridban
  • Fugitive of Time (1953), as by Volsted Gridban
  • The Wall (1953), as by Charles Grey
  • The Mutants Rebel (1953)
  • Dynasty of Doom (1953), as by Charles Grey
  • Tormented City (1953), as by Charles Grey
  • Space Hunger (1953), as by Charles Grey
  • I Fight for Mars (1953), as by Charles Grey
  • Venusian Adventure (1953)
  • Alien Life (1954)
  • The Living World (1954), as by Carl Maddox
  • The Extra Man (1954)
  • Menace from the Past (1954), as by Carl Maddox
  • The Metal Eater (1954), as by Roy Sheldon
  • Journey to Mars (1954)
  • World at Bay (1954)
  • City of No Return (1954)
  • Hell Planet (1954)
  • The Resurrected Man (1954)
  • The Stellar Legion (1954)
  • The Hand of Havoc (1954), as by Charles Grey
  • Enterprise 2115 (1954), as by Charles Grey
  • Alien Dust (1955)
  • The Space-Born (1956)
  • The Devil's Dictionary (1957), as by James S. Stanton (short story collection)
  • The Mechanical Monarch (1958) (reprint of Enterprise 2115 [1954])
  • Touch of Evil (1957), as by Arthur Maclean
  • Moon Base (1964)
  • Ten From Tomorrow (1966) (short story collection)
  • Death is a Dream (1967)
  • The Life-Buyer (1967)
  • C.O.D. - Mars (1968)
  • Escape into Space (1969)
  • S.T.A.R. Flight (1969)
  • A Scatter of Stardust (1972) (short story collection)
  • Century of the Manikin (1972)
  • The Primitive (1977)
  • Death Wears a White Face (1979)
  • Stellar Assignment (1979)
  • The Luck Machine (1980)
  • Pawn of the Omphalos (1980)
  • Stardeath (1983)
  • Pandora's Box (1996) (previously unpublished work written 1954)
  • Temple of Death (1996) (previously unpublished work written 1954)
  • Kalgan the Golden (1996) (short story collection)
  • Murder in Space (1997) (short story collection)
  • Tomorrow (1999)
  • Alien Worlds (1999) (reprint of Alien Dust [1955] and Alien Universe [1952])
  • Earth Set Free (1999) (reprint of Space Hunger [1953])
  • The Extra Man (2000) (reprint of Enterprise 2112 [1954])
  • The Best Science Fiction of E.C. Tubb (2003) (short story collection)
  • Mirror of the Night (2003) (short story collection)
  • Debracy's Drug (2004) (reprint of Debracy's Drug [1953] credited to Tubb)
  • Footsteps of Angels (2004) (previously unpublished work written c.1988)
  • The Possessed (2005) (revised reprint of Touch of Evil [1959])
  • The Life Buyer (2006)
  • Dead Weight (2007) (revised reprint of Death Wears a White Face [1959])
  • Death is a Dream (2005) (revised reprint of Death is a Dream [1967])
  • Moon Base (2007) (revised reprint of Moon Base [1964])
  • Fear of Strangers (2007) (revised reprint of C.O.D. - Mars [1968])
  • Tide of Death (2008) (revised reprint of World at Bay [1968])
  • The Space-Born (2008) (revised reprint of The Space-Born [1956])
  • Secret of the Towers (2008) (revised reprint of The Tormented City [1953])
  • The Price of Freedom (2008) (revised reprint of Space Hunger [1953])
  • World in Torment (2008) (revised reprint of The Mutants Rebel [1953])
  • The Resurrected Man (2008) (revised reprint of The Resurrected Man [1954])
  • The Green Helix (2009) (revised reprint of Alien Universe [1952])
  • The Freedom Army (2009) (revised reprint of Debracy's Drug [1953])
  • Journey Into Terror (2009) (revised reprint of Alien Life [1955])

Other genres

  • Assignment New York (1955), as by Mike Lantry
  • The Fighting Fury (1955), as by Paul Schofield
  • Comanche Capture (1955), as by E. F. Jackson
  • Sands of Destiny (1955) as by Jud Cary
  • Men of the Long Rifle (1955), as by J.F. Clarkson
  • Scourge of the South (1956), as by M.L. Powers
  • Vengeance Trail (1956), as by James Farrow
  • Trail Blazers (1956), as by Chuck Adams
  • Quest for Quantrell (1956), as by John Stevens
  • Drums of the Prairie (1956), as by P. Lawrence
  • Men of the West (1956), as by Chet Lawson
  • Wagon Trail (1957), as by Charles S. Graham
  • Colt Vengeance (1957), as by James R. Fenner
  • The Red Lance (1959), as by L.P. Eastern (reprint of Drums of the Prairie [1956])
  • Massacre Trail (1960), as by Chuck Adams (reprint of Men of the West [1956])
  • The Marauders (1960), as by M.L. Powers (reprint of Scourge of the South [1956])
  • Night Raiders (1960), as by John Stevens (reprint of Quest for Quantrell [1956])
  • The Last Outlaw (1961), as by Chuck Adams (reprint of Trail Blazers [1956])
  • The Fighting Fury (1962), as by Chuck Adams (reprint of The Fighting Fury [1955])
  • Colt Law (1962), as by Chuck Adams (reprint of Colt Vengeance [1957])
  • The Gold Seekers (2000) (reprint of The Fighting Fury [1955])
  • The Captive (2000), as by E.F. Jackson (reprint of Comanche Capture [1955])
  • The Pathfinders (2000), as by Charles Grey (reprint of Men of the Long Rifle [1955])
  • Scourge of the South (2000), as by George Holt (reprint of Scourge of the South [1956])
  • The Liberators (2000), as by Brett Landry (reprint of Vengeance Trail [1956])
  • Curse of Quantrill (2000), as by Carl Maddox (revised reprint of Quest for Quantrell [1956])
  • Trail Blazers (2000), as by Eric Storm (reprint of Trail Blazers [1956])
  • The Dying Tree (2000), as by Edward Thomson (reprint of Drums of the Prairie [1956])
  • Hills of Blood (2000), as by Frank Weight (reprint of Men of the West [1956])
  • Cauldron of Violence (2000), as by Gordon Kent (reprint of Wagon Trail [1957])
  • The First Shot (2000) (reprint of Colt Vengeance [1957])
  • Trail Blazers (2007) (reprint of Trail Blazers [1956] credited to Tubb)

Comic Books

  • Hellfire Landing (Commando issue 5, 1961)
  • Target Death (Combat Library issue 102, 1961)
  • Lucky Strike (War Picture Library issue 124, 1961)
  • Calculated Risk (Air Ace Picture Library issue 78, 1961)
  • Too Tough to Handle (War Picture Library issue 134, 1962)
  • The Dead Keep Faith (War Picture Library issue 140, 1962)
  • The Spark of Anger (Battle Picture Library issue 52, 1962)
  • Full Impact (Air Ace Picture Library issue 92, 1962)
  • I Vow Vengeance (War at Sea Picture Library issue 7, 1962)
  • One Must Die (Battle Picture Library issue 72, 1962)
  • Gunflash (War Picture Library issue 157, 1962)
  • Hit Back (Battle Picture Library issue 69, 1962)
  • Suicide Squad (War Picture Library issue 172, 1962)
  • No Higher Stakes (Battle Picture Library issue 89, 1963)
  • Penalty of Fear (Thriller Picture Library issue 444, 1963)


  1. ^ Cover blurb on 2002 Wildside Press edition of Tubb's The Winds of Gath

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