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Egg may refer to the following:



  • Egg (food), usually chicken eggs, but also those of other birds and turtles, as well as those of fish




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(Heb. beytsah, "whiteness"). Eggs deserted (Isa 10:14), of a bird (Deut 22:6), an ostrich (Job 39:14), the cockatrice (Isa 59:5). In Lk 11:12, an egg is contrasted with a scorpion, which is said to be very like an egg in its appearance, so much so as to be with difficulty at times distinguished from it. In

Job 6:6 ("the white of an egg") the word for egg (hallamuth') occurs nowhere else. It has been translated "purslain" (R.V. marg.), and the whole phrase "purslain-broth", i.e., broth made of that herb, proverbial for its insipidity; and hence an insipid discourse. Job applies this expression to the speech of Eliphaz as being insipid and dull. But the common rendering, "the white of an egg", may be satisfactorily maintained.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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