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Coordinates: 32°27′54″N 34°59′38″E / 32.465°N 34.99389°E / 32.465; 34.99389

Karkur junction suicide bombing
Location Karkur Junction, Wadi Ara
Date October 21, 2002
Target bus
Attack type suicide bomber
Death(s) 14
Injured 40+
Perpetrator(s) Islamic Jihad

The Karkur junction suicide bombing was a suicide attack carried out on Monday October 21, 2002, by two members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Israeli urban area of Wadi Ara.

Egged commuter bus 841 was on its way on Route No. 65 from Kiryat Shmona to Tel Aviv when it stopped at the Karkur Junction, about 8 kilometers from Hadera at the afternoon rush hour. A passenger got on and spoke to driver Chaim Avraham, but before he could answer, a jeep loaded with an estimated 100 kilograms of TNT rammed the back of the bus, causing an explosion. A fire evolved quickly, causing ammunition that soldiers on the bus were carrying to explode and preventing rescue workers from getting on the bus for half an hour.[1]

Fourteen passengers were killed in the attack and 50 were wounded.[2]

The military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al-Quds Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that it was carried out by Ashraf al-Asama, 18, and Mohammed al-Hasnin, 19, both from the West Bank city of Jenin.

The Palestinian Authority said it condemned the suicide bombing. An Israeli official expressed skepticism, declaring that “The Palestinian Authority has become a prime authority on terror and could not care less about preventing it." [3]

The terrorist attack came two days before United States Assistant Secretary of State William Burns was due to visit Israel as part of a tour of Middle East nations, seeking support for an invasion of Iraq.

Names of victims

Names of the killed passengers and their ages[4]

  • Cpl. Sharon Tubol, 19
  • Ofra Burger, 56
  • St.-Sgt. Aiman Sharuf, 20
  • St.-Sgt. Nir Nahum, 20
  • Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Eliezer Moskovitch, 40
  • Cpl. Ilona Hanukayev, 20
  • St.-Sgt. Liat Ben-Ami, 20
  • Iris Lavi, 68
  • Sgt. Esther Pesachov, 19
  • Suad Jaber, 23
  • Indelou Ashati, 54
  • Anat Shimshon, 33
  • Osnat Abramov, 16
  • Sergei Shavchuk, 35

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