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Egotheism is the deification of man's own conceptions of God, or the belief that man's conception of God is all that men can ever know of God. This position presupposes the impossibility of divine revelation and thus is a denial of the validity of faith and most theistic traditions, except for deism.

In a New Age context, egotheism can mean the deification of the self. Identification of the self, in some sense, with the divine, is a tenet of Hinduism (Atman as the "true self"), Satanism, as well as certain versions of Christianity (as in the theology of St. Athanasios, that God became man so that man could become God).

The belief in one's self as a god.


Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer. “Egotheism, the Atheism of To-Day” 1858, (reprinted in 1886 in her Last Evening with Allston)


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