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In order to kill the demon of egotism (Mamāsura) who had attacked him, Gaṇeśa Vighnarāja throws his lotus at him. Unable to bear the fragrance of the divine flower, the demon surrenders to Gaṇeśa."

Egotism is the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself. Egotism means placing oneself at the center of one's world with no direct concern for others.

It is closely related to narcissism, or "loving one's self," and the possible tendency to speak or write of oneself boastfully and at great length. Egotism may coexist with delusions of one's own importance, even at the denial of others. This conceit is a character trait describing a person who acts to gain values in an amount excessively greater than that which he/she gives to others. Egotism is often accomplished by exploiting the altruism, irrationality and ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and/or fraud.

Egotism differs from both altruism, or acting to gain fewer values than are being given, and egoism, the belief that gaining more values than given is permissible. Various forms of "empirical egoism" can be consistent with egotism, as long as the value of one's own self-benefit is entirely individual.


The term "egotism" is derived from the Greek ego, meaning "self" or "I", and -ism, used to denote a philosophy. As such, the term is etymologically related very closely with egoism.

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Egotism is the desire to increase favourable views upon oneself.


  • When all is summed up, a man never speaks of himself without loss; his accusations of himself are always believed, his praises never.
  • It is never permissible to say, I say.
    • Madame Necker
  • The more you speak of yourself, the more you are likely to lie.
    • Zimmermann
  • What hypocrites we seem to be whenever we talk of ourselves! Our words sound so humble, while our hearts are so proud.
    • Hare
  • Do you wish men to speak well of you? Then never speak well of yourself.
  • He who thinks he can find in himself the means of doing without others is much mistaken; but he who thinks that others cannot do without him is still more mistaken.
  • Egotism is the anaesthetic that dulls the pains of stupidity.
    • Frank Leahy

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