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Einabus is located in the Palestinian territories
Arabic عينابوس
Governorate Nablus
Government Village Council (from 1996)
Also spelled Ainabus (officially)

'Aynabus (unofficially)

Coordinates 32°08′48.36″N 35°14′42.25″E / 32.1467667°N 35.2450694°E / 32.1467667; 35.2450694Coordinates: 32°08′48.36″N 35°14′42.25″E / 32.1467667°N 35.2450694°E / 32.1467667; 35.2450694
Population 2,340 (2007)

4,011  dunams (4.0 km²)

Head of Municipality Nafez Rashdan

Einabus (Arabic: عينابوس‎) is a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank, located 12 kilometers south of Nablus and a part of the Nablus Governorate. Nearby towns include Huwara and Beita to the east and Jammain to the south.[1]



Settlement at Einabus' site dates back to the Jebusite era, however the village's inhabitants are descended Arab tribes that migrated to the area during the Rashidun rule of Palestine. The village's old mosque was built during that time and is dedicated to Umar ibn al-Khattab. Until today, olives and figs remain primary sources of income for the residents of Einabus.[1]


In 1922, Einabus had a population of 227 inhabitants which rose to 340 in 1967 amounted to 1200 in 1987.[1] According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the village had a population of 2,340 in 2007.[2]


There are two girls' secondary schools and one for boys. A charity center founded in 1984 contains a kindergarten, a training center for weaving and helps college-bound students that are financially unable to enter college, attend. In addition to the old mosque, Einabus has two modern mosques.[1]


Einabus is governed by a village council of 7 elected members including the chairman or mayor. In 2005, Nafez Rashdan was elected mayor of Einabus.[3]


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