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Ek Niranjan
Directed by Puri Jagannadh
Produced by Aditya Ram
Starring Prabhas Raju Uppalapati
Kangana Ranaut
Sonu Sood
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Shyam K Naidu
Distributed by Adityaram Movies
Release date(s) 29 October 2009
Running time 2 hr 35 min
Country  India
Language Telugu
Budget 10 Crores

Ek Niranjan is a 2009 Telugu film starring Prabhas Raju Uppalapati and Kangana Ranaut in lead roles. The film is directed by Puri Jagannadh and is the second film with the combination of this director and Prabhas, as they had worked together earlier for Bujjigadu. Produced by Aditya Ram, the film has been shot on a specially erected set in Hyderabad and shot in Bangkok and the songs have been shot in Switzerland.

The film revolves around Chotu (Prabhas), who is a bounty hunter getting criminals to the police in exchange for money and how he reunites with his parents he never got to meet due to the fact he was kidnapped.

The movie began shooting in April and ended in September. The movie released on 29 October 2009.[1]



Veeraiah's (Tanikella Bharani) younger son is stolen by Chidambaram (Makrand Deshpande), who abducts children and makes them beggars. He names him as Chotu (Prabhas) and makes him beg on streets to earn money for him. The police raid Chidambaram and Chotu helps the police to find him. The police reward Chotu for helping them. This makes Chotu realise that he can earn money by catching criminals for the police. From then on Chotu works for the police and catches hold of criminals whom the police are in search of. He also is in touch with chidambaram and communicates with him so that he can tell him who is his parents, but he never told him. While getting hold of a goon, Chotu comes across Sameera (Kangana Ranaut) who is a guitar teacher. Sameera is the sister of the goon who works for Johnny Bhai (Sonu Sood).

Chotu is asked by the police to nab her brother who is wanted by them for many crimes. When Sameera is feeding her brother, Chotu enters and forcefully arrests him after causing much havoc in the house. Chotu and Sameera fall in love. As her brother reels behind the bars, Sameera reciprocates her love to Chotu.

Veeraiah's elder son Kailash (Mukul Dev) also works for Johnny Bhai who will be arrested on charges of killing the minister (Posani Krishna Murali) which is planned by Johnny Bhai. Johnny Bhai wants to kill Kailash, who is arrested, fearing that he will reveal his name to the police interrogation. Kailash escapes from the police clutches and Johnny Bhai is in search of him. The police commissioner also asks Chotu to find Kailash and bag a handsome reward. Sameera's brother vacates his house and escapes to Bangkok fearing Johnny Bhai. Chotu also goes to Bangkok in search of Sameera and finds Kailash there. Johnny Bhai kidnaps Sameera and her brother and threatens to kill them if Chotu does not hand over Kailash to him. The story ends with Chotu rescuing Sameera from Johnny Bhai and how he meets his parents.


Jagganadh and Prabhas worked together for the movie Bujjigadu which was an average score in the box-office, Puri decided to do the duo again for Ek Niranjan. His character is dynamic, rough and tough guy and a loner.[1] Kangana Ranaut, who is popular in Bollywood films, is making her debut in the Tollywood industry. Her character is said to be a guitar teacher. It was also said that she is acting in the film for a very big price of 1 crore.Puri, initially, approached her for Pokiri which Ileana D'Cruz has done, but she was unable to do the film due to the dates of Gangster. Sonu Sood will essay the villain in the film. The film is described to be a commercial entertainer mixed with romance and comedy to appeal to the audience.[2]


Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut, Allu Arjun, Aditya Ram and Puri Jagannadh presented the music at the audio release

Ek Niranjan began shooting on March 31 in Lahari resorts and a spacious area on Road No. 25, Jubilee Hills, a part of Hyderabad which was recreated for the film. Art director Chinna and his team brought a natural look to their creations — a clock tower, a four road junction, by lanes, a Hanuman temple, and dhobi ghat including house sets for the lead pair.[3] Around June, they left for Switzerland for the canning of two songs on Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut. After shooting in Switzerland till 30 June the film began to film the final phase of shooting in July in Bangkok and Pattaya where the climax was shot at. The film completed in September. The audio of the movie was released on 25 September at Shilpakala Vedika and the music has already gotten good reviews and has been very successful so far with people loving "Evaru Lerani" and title track "Ek Niranjan". The music is done by Mani Sharma who also did the music for Billa.[4].[5]




Ek Niranjan has generally received negative reviews, with some positive reviews from the critics. Most of all the negative reviews are because of the story. The story of the film is something that has been seen several times to the Telugu public being a common theme used decades ago. Another problem the critics had with the film was the comedy done by Brahmanandam, Sunil, Ali and Venu Madhav. The comedy was not very humorous which is unusual as Puri Jagannadh knows how to do comedy sequences well.[6] Many critics agreed that the first half of the film was entertaining while the second half was adequate. Some critics also felt that the violence, blood and gore could have been toned down. Despite the negative reviews, the critics also praised some aspects of the film. The dialogues of the film were appreciated as well as the stunts done in the film. Critics admit the stunts in the film are one of the main highlights of the film. The camera work, done by Shyam K. Naidu, was exceptionally done.[7] As for the performances, critics praised Prabhas performance, but they felt as if he has done a similar performance in his previous film. They also complain about his dialogue modulation. But they loved it and his slang accent was appreciated. Critics praised Sonu Sood performance as the villain.[8] His body language suited his character and his sequences with Brahmaji were loved by the critics as it is highly hilarious. As for Kangana Ranaut, critics were really mixed about her performance. Many agreed that she did not emote into the Telugu language really well and that she did not have any resemblance of a South Indian heroine. Some felt like the script didn’t have anything for her to showcase her acting abilities.[9] Some critics felt that Kangana was not the suitable choice for a glamorous role. However, many agreed that she did look pretty and was good in some parts especially in the sequence where she confessed her love for Prabhas. The critics all agreed that the music was well done.

Box Office

Ek Niranjan was released all over Andhra Pradesh with over 350 prints in 700 theaters and the hype was outstanding due to the combination of Prabhas and Puri. Even before the release date of the film, the advance booking of the film was successful and houseful. The film had a wonderful opening with the masses loving the film despite the negative talk from critics. The film grossed 21 crores in its first week and is the biggest grosser of Prabhas' career.[10] Even though the film is a good success, it has dropped tremendously during its 2nd week. Ek Niranjan has also faced problems with piracy which has affected the revenues of the film. Many people got arrested for selling the film illegally and because of the secret code that Aditya Ram used for the film, the police were able to catch most of all the people committing piracy.



Ek Niranjan
Soundtrack by Mani Sharma
25 September 2009 (India)
Recorded 2009
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Aditya Music
Producer Puri Jagannadh
Professional reviews
  • Bollywood spice 3/5 stars link
Mani Sharma chronology
Ek Niranjan

The music is composed by Mani Sharma. The soundtrack contains six songs and will be featured throughout the film. The audio release was held on September 25 and was an elaborate event. Prabhas, Kangna Ranaut, Allu Arjun, Puri Jagannadh and Aditya Ram presented the music at the event.The audio turned out to be a big hit.

Track # Song Singer(s) Duration Notes
1 Ek Niranjan Ranjith 4:59 Picturised on Prabhas
2 Gundello Hemachandra, Geetha Madhuri,Suchitra 4:02 Picturised on Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut which was shot in Switzerland
3 Sameera Karthik 5:02 Picturised on Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut shot in Lahari Resorts
4 Evaru Lerani Malavika 4:29 Picturised on Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut
5 Mahamari Geetha Madhuri, Kalyan Vasanth 4:37 Picturised on Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut
6 Nartanatara Ranjith, Nilayini 4:44 A tribute to Michael Jackson

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