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A statue of Queen Leonor praying at her Sepulcher
Aragonese and Valencian Royalty
House of Barcelona
Aragon Arms.svg

Alfonso II
Children include
   Peter (future Peter II of Aragon)
   Alfonso II, Count of Provence
Peter II
Children include
   James (future James I of Aragon, Valencia and Majorca)
James I
   Peter (future Peter III of Aragon and I of Valencia and Sicily)
   James II of Majorca
   Violant, Queen of Castile
   Constance, Infanta of Castile
   Isabella, Queen of France
Peter III (I of Valencia and Sicily)
Children include
   Alfonso (future Alfonso III of Aragon and I of Valencia)
   James (future James I of Sicily and II of Aragon and Valencia)
   Frederick II of Sicily
   Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal
   Yolanda, Duchess of Calabria
Alfonso III (I of Valencia)
James II (I of Sicily)
Children include
   Alfonso (future Alfonso IV of Aragon and II of Valencia)
Alfonso IV (II of Valencia)
Children include
   Peter (future Peter IV of Aragon and II of Valencia)
Peter IV (II of Valencia)
Children include
   Constance, Queen of Sicily
   John (future John I of Aragon and Valencia)
   Martin (future Martin II of Sicily and I of Aragon and Valencia)
   Eleanor, Queen of Castile
   Isabella, Countess of Urgel
Grandchildren include
   Ferdinand (future Ferdinand I of Aragon, Valencia and Sicily)
   Isabella, Countess of Urgel and Coimbra
John I
   Yolande, Queen of France
Martin I (II of Sicily)

Eleanor of Aragon (20 January 1358 – 13 August 1382) was a daughter of King Peter IV of Aragon and his wife Eleanor of Sicily. Her maternal grandfather was Peter II of Sicily.

Her brother became King John I of Aragon. She was born at Santa Maria del Puig and died at Cuéllar. On 18 June 1375, at Soria, she became Queen consort of Castile by marrying King John I of Castile.

Their eldest son Enrique (1379–1406) became King Henry III of Castile and his younger brother Fernando (1380–1416) ultimately was elected to inherit Eleanor's native Aragon in 1412, becoming King Ferdinand I of Aragon.

Preceded by
Juana Manuel of Castile
Queen Consort of Castile and Leon
Succeeded by
Beatrice of Portugal



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