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South Ossetia

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Elections in South Ossetia gives information on elections and election results in South Ossetia.

South Ossetia elects on national level a head of state - the President - and a legislature. The president is elected for a five term by the people. The Parliament of South Ossetia has 34 members, elected for a five year term using party-list proportional representation. South Ossetia is a one party dominant state, with the Unity Party in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.


Latest elections


2006 Presidential elections

e • d  Summary of the November 12 2006 South Ossetian election results
Candidates Votes %
Eduard Kokoity 51,150 98.1
Leonid Tibilov 476 0.9
Inal Pukhayev 194 0.37
Oleg Gabodze 175 0.33
Against all 168 0.32
TOTAL 52,443 100.0

2009 Parliamentary elections

e • d  Summary of the 31 May 2009 South Ossetian parliamentary election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Unity Party 21,246 46.32 17
Communist Party of South Ossetia 10,194 22.22 8
People's Party of South Ossetia 10,345 22.55 9
Fatherland Socialist Party 2,918 6.36 0
Against all 1,163 2.53
Total (turnout 81.93%) 45,866 100% 34
Sources: South Ossetian Electoral Commission [1] [2]

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