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An electronic musician is a musician who composes or plays music from synthetic sounds generated with synthesizers, samplers, drum machines or music sequencers. A large portion of today's electronic music and electroacoustic music is based on samples, which are sampled (digitized) from original instruments or other audio sources. These samples are then edited, transformed and sequenced again to create new musical compositions.

Many electronic musicians use primarily electronic instruments that are now largely software-based on computers. Electronic music and electroacoustic musical compositions might either be recorded and played back using a music sequencer or in real-time by the performer.

Aside from software based synthesis, many electronic musicians use Modular synthesis by running voltage through a series of circuit boards with the use of patch cables and control knobs to create a desired sound and frequency to be sampled, and then sequenced, whether by the means of digital or analogue recording.

With the changes in the music industry and the difficulty selling tangible music mediums, some artist such as Tristan Perich are doing projects like his 1-Bit Music where rather than putting his electronic music onto a CD or downloadable .MP3 it is located on a chipset in a jewl case powered by a small battery[1]

Some well known electronic musicians include Aphex Twin, Biosphere, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Richie Hawtin, and Ricardo Villalobos.



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