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Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) is a subset of Gothic Lolita fashion, popular in Japan. The term Elegant Gothic Aristocrat was originally coined by Mana, a fashion designer and former band leader of Malice Mizer, and is used to describe his brand of clothing carried in his store Moi-même-Moitié. EGA gained momentum on the Japanese fashion streets in the late 1990’s when their onstage rock-idol attire spread like wild fire among his fans. Eventually, the style became more accessible when mainstream stores began to carry EGA apparel.



The style imitates the mature decadence of the late Victorian era, with emphasis on simplicity and elegance. It is an androgynous style consisting of black and white, dark colours and natural tones with delicate detailing, lace trimmings, which is completed with black, clunky boots and heavy makeup. A pale complexion is preferred although wearing white makeup is common. Accessories are also essential items in achieving the EGA look. They include corsets, gloves, conspicuous pocket books, stockings, bows and top hats. Unlike Classic Gothic Lolita fashions, Elegant Gothic Aristocrats wear long skirts, tailored and streamlined jackets, as well as tight-fitting long shirts and sleeves.

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