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Elissa Sursara
Born Elissa Vella Johanna Sursàra
14 February 1988 (1988-02-14) (age 22)
Avalon Beach, NSW, Australia
Occupation Actress, Activist, Model, Spokesperson
Years active 1992-present

Elissa Sursara (born 14 February 1988)[1] is an award-winning Brazilian-Australian actress,[2] animal rights activist[2] and previous child model.[1] Her surname is spelled Sursàra however the diacritic mark is omitted when credited professionally.[3] Sursara rose to prominence within South America and parts of Europe at age eleven as a child and commercial model and as a subsequent television personality after hosting Brazilian children's program Para Crianças, a role for which she received the years Brazilian Choice Award: Choice Actress.[citation needed] Sursara's fame elevated through associated television work, leading to minor acting roles between 1994 and 2000.

Sursara translated to film from 2002 onwards, following roles in Marion Bridge, Pain Within, Equal Opportunity and The Screening.[1] Sursara's current projects include Rights Revoked (2009), an environmental documentary shot with friend and actress Isabel Lucas for Animal Planet.[4][5]

Sursara is also perhaps known for her extensive animal rights and welfare campaigning. Sursara's associated animal charities include Wildlife Warriors WorldWide, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Greenpeace the World Society for the Protection of Animals and some work with PETA.[6]


Early life and family

Elissa Vella Johanna Sursàra[7] was born in Avalon Beach,[1][3] in Sydney's Northern Beaches, the daughter of first generation Brazilian immigrants and was raised Roman Catholic[8] in a Brazilian upbringing as one of seven siblings.[citation needed] Initially, during the start of her career, Sursara's birthplace was incorrectly cited as Ipanema, Brazil and occasionally as São Paulo, Brazil.


At the age of four, Sursara found representation in Brazil as a child model and was featured in a number of Brazilian children's clothing projects before transitioning to a prominent commercial surf model career from age twelve within Brazil.[citation needed] Sursara's first televised role was at age 11, in a globally aired Pepsi commercial filmed on location Australia's outback. At age fourteen, Sursara was hired to host a Brazilian morning show for children called Para Crianças on BC56, a Brazilian television station on the free-to-air network.[citation needed] Following her television debut her subsequent television credits include guest spots on Touched by an Angel (1994), American Gothic (1996) and Boston Public (2001).[1]

Her television debut was followed by series of minor spots in both Australian and US television and film including Hector, Marion Bridge,[9] Touch & Go, The Wet Season, Days Like These and Going for Broke. From 2005 onward, Sursara starred in Pain Within, Equal Opportunity, The Screening and Johnny Benson's Adventures in the Blogosphere. In late 2007, Sursara revealed plans to relocate to Australia for undisclosed period of time to be with an ill relative.[citation needed]

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Sursara supports charities including Wildlife Warriors WorldWide, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Greenpeace and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).[4] Sursara is a spokesperson for anti-fur campaigning.[citation needed]


Year Film Role Language Notes
2000 Hector Reno English Film
2002 Marion Bridge Sam English Film
The Wet Season Taylor English Film
2003 Touch & Go Krissa English Film
Going For Broke Annabelle English Film
2004 Days Like These Alicia English Film
2005 Johnny Benson's Adventures Camilla English Film
2006 Live Free or Die Christy English Film
2007 The Screening Ava English Film
Equal Opportunity Bena Brazilian English Film
Pain Within Brittany English Film


Year Title Role Language Notes
1994 Para Crancias Co-Host/Host Portuguese Season 1
Touched by an Angel Natalie English "The Heart of the Matter"
1996 American Gothic Alex English "Requiem"
2001 Boston Public Rea English "Chapter Seventeen"
2002 Taken Lena English "Dropping the Dishes"
2007 Brothers & Sisters Jessica English "Domestic Issues"

Awards and nominations

  • Brazilian Choice Awards Choice Actress (1994)


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