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Studio album by Christina Milian
Released 2010[1]
Recorded 2007 – 2010
Genre R&B, hip-hop, pop
Label Radio Killa, Interscope
Producer The-Dream, Tricky Stewart
Christina Milian chronology
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Elope is the upcoming fourth studio album by American R&B and pop singer Christina Milian, scheduled to be released in 2010.[1] Following her departure from Def Jam Records in May 2006, Milian began writing songs as early as August 2006. She began recordings songs in 2007, and in 2008 signed with MySpace Records. In 2009, Milian began working with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, and signed to The-Dream's Radio Killa Records. In August 2009, Milian confirmed that Interscope Records would be distributing the album.

The album was originally titled Dream in Color, but Milian changed the title to Elope because the album was "about taking responsibility for yourself and making your own decisions".[2] Milian collaborated with a range of producers in the early stages of production; however, after working with The-Dream and Tricky, she opted for them to produce the whole album. During production, Milian began dating The-Dream,[3] and married him in September 2009 after they had finished recording.[4] Tricky said the album's release was delayed due to technicalities of the label, but that Milian's pregnancy would mean further delays until 2010.[1] In January 2010, Milian updated that she was going to go back into the studio and record more material for the album.

A single was released in October 2008, ballad "Us Against the World". The song was written by Milian and produced by Madd Scientist. In October 2009, Tricky Stewart said that another single had yet to be chosen, and that it would be the first single off the album.[1] Reported choices for the first single include "Zipper", "I'm a Cheat",[5] and "Supersonic".[6]




Four weeks after the release of her previous album, So Amazin' (2006), Milian's representative confirmed that she had left Def Jam. Low album sales were reported to be the main factor in the singer being dropped from the label.[7] Milian believed that she was dropped as a budget cut, and that Def Jam wanted to spend more money on label mate Rihanna. She revealed, "It was embarrassing. It was a week after my album [So Amazin'] got put out. I would be in my room a lot of the time crying by myself."[8] Milian was unsure if she wanted to continue her music career. She encountered her childhood idol Janet Jackson at a club, who remarked, "Girl, do not let them stop you. I'm a fan and you make good music". Milian said that this event encouraged her to begin working on a new album.[8] Milian began writing songs for the album as early as August 2006. She wrote whenever she became inspired,[9] and felt that it built her self-esteem. Milian wanted to get her "vocals and music right" for her album; "I wanted to be clear with the lyrics instead of just a bunch of mumble jumbo with a hot beat."[10] Milian wanted a slower process for the album, and said that it would be a "mixture of everything I've done". She said that she was "moving on to better things and new things [...] I've gotten a lot of offers, and I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going."[9]


Milian collaborated with duo Cool & Dre, who produced the majority of So Amazin', and J. R. Rotem sometime before March 2007. Afterward, she also recorded with The Runners and Danja.[11] In September 2008, Billboard confirmed that Milian had signed with MySpace Records.[9][12] Milian had written most of the material recorded, and collaborated in the studio with Madd Scientist, T-Pain, Jim Jonsin and Toby Gad.[12] Milian felt that Madd Scientist "brought the best out of me" while producing "Us Against the World", and "was really able to do some amazing things with my vocals".[10]

After recording songs with the aforementioned producers, Milian took a break from music and started filming Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. When Milian returned to music, she concentrated on promoting her single "Us Against the World", and shot its music video. Since then, Milian said that she became "a little bit more meticulous with what I feel deserved to be on the album", and resumed recording.[13] Songs recorded for the album included the 90's Madonna-styled ballad "Stay", Euro-club record "Tug of War" and the feel-good song "Diamonds",[12] which featured Kanye West.[14] Other features included Rick Ross on the Cool & Dre produced track "Blissful",[15] and Pitbull.[16]

In 2009, Milian began working with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, and additional collaboration with Los Da Mystro.[2] When Milian began recording with The-Dream and Stewart, she found the songs they produced together was "'that extra fire that Christina needed'. And these are songs that I always wanted to put out, but never had the opportunity to do before."[10] She signed to The-Dream's label, Radio Killa Records,[17] and The-Dream said that he was "trying to put my heart into it and make sure I deliver her the same records I gave everybody else".[17] Aside from "Us Against the World", The-Dream and Tricky Stewart produced all the songs on her album, which was "taking on a new approach since the beginning of the year".[13] In April 2009, Milian and The-Dream held a listening party of the album for Interscope Records' executives, including chairman Jimmy Iovine. Milian received a standing ovation after playing the tracks for the executives.[18]

In June 2009, Rap-Up reported that Teairra Marí had bought the track "Diamonds" and would be releasing it on her album At That Point. The track was among a selection of Milian's songs that she had recorded while with MySpace Records.[14] Milian had not paid for any of her recorded songs, and when she left to sign with Radio Killa, they were available for purchase.[19] Later that month, The-Dream said that the album was finished. He said that they had just finished recording two songs, "not because we have to, just because we can and we end up just coming up with certain things and I always want to try her on whatever the record is. Singles and everything, it is just about whether she feels like doing it or not."[20] Tricky Stewart said that when producing the album, he and The-Dream found a creative zone, "we definitely found a space for her and put her in a league and a lane of her own".[1]

In January 2010, Milian said that she was going back into the studio in the summer to record more material. Although the album had already been finished when Milian took a break for her pregnancy, she wanted to "go back and re-do some of the music and make some new songs and find my new inspiration". The album is scheduled to be released by the end of 2010.[21][22]

Concept and themes

Milian was featured on the cover of Rap-Up's 2008 Winter issue, in which she announced that the album's title was Dream in Color.[2] Milian compared the title to Dorothy Gale's journey in The Wizard of Oz;

"She was living this black and white life and next thing you know this tornado sweeps her off to the land of Oz. As she goes down the yellow brick road she learned so many life lessons. So when I was thinking about all these songs and how I am as a person [...] I just think that part of life is by dreaming. I think that this album is the colorful life of Christina Milian on her way to see the Wizard."[10]

In March 2009, Milian said that although she loved the title Dream in Color, she had retitled the album Elope because "a lot has changed". Milian stated, "the definition of elope is to run away secretly with one's beloved", and that she had retitled the album because it was "about taking responsibility for yourself and making your own decisions".[2] In August, after news that Milian had become engaged to The-Dream, she said that the title change was not based on their engagement, but rather "taking a step as a woman and making decisions on my own and doing things without necessarily the permissions of others. And I think that's really more about adulthood and coming into adulthood."[23]

In the early production of the album, Milian described Elope's genre as "pop-urban-international",[16] and "very feminine, strong and independent".[12] Milian later said that she was excited because the album was not based on any single genre. The singer felt that radio had changed, and although in the past urban stations would not play pop songs, music had evolved and all genres had found a common bond. Milian said that the genre of the album did not matter, because "at the end of the day it's all about music".[10] Compared to her previous album, Milian says that Elope has "a fresher more feminine touch to it". During the production of So Amazin', Milian was dealing with her break-up with Nick Cannon, which was reflected in the songs' lyrics. For Elope, Milian believes that she has managed to write records about real things she has gone through in the last two years.[24]

Milian wanted Elope to "step [her] game up in every way possible". She said that she had matured as a woman from her previous album, and knew what she wanted. Milan felt that growing up she could be indecisive, whereas as her newest records expressed her honesty in what she wanted and liked. Milian said that being a Latina, there was a "fiery side that comes with me", and wanted her songs to be edgy, sexy and passionate. She wanted to find happiness and portray it in her songs. Milian described "Us Against The World" as a ride-or-die type of record, explaining it means "that I know you will always have my back and we're here to fight together. Sometimes life is a battle and it depends on who are you gonna have around you. Are they gonna turn on you and start fighting against you, or are they gonna be right next to you and help pull you up and make your stronger?"[13]

Milian said she was comfortable working with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart because the songs were "from the eyes of a woman and the mind of a woman. I don't know how they understand that, but somehow they do. It's mature but at the same time it's so relatable to any girl."[17] Milian said that they were writing songs that "females are going to be with and they're definitely gonna understand".[13] Upon completion of the album, Milian said it represented "independence, not having to answer to any type of 'authority', being a women at her best and feeling very confident". She said that fans could expect an "edgy sound with lots of strong powerful anthems. Big up tempos, R&B and pop at its best and two big ballads".[25] Milian later said the album was about "a young female growing into a woman, and it's very honest. The album's fun, so I'm looking forward to performing it."[23]


The album is scheduled to be released in 2010,[1] despite being completed by June 2009.[20] Tricky Stewart explained the delay, saying "we just got our label deals done, so the reason why some of these projects got delayed had to do with technicalities and things of that nature". Once released, the album will be the first release off Radio Killa Records. The album has been furthered delayed because of Milian's marriage to The-Dream and her pregnancy.[1]

Record label

In September 2008, Milian confirmed that she had signed a deal with MySpace Records. Milian explained her decision by saying that she was "over the traditional approach, especially with all of the changes in the music industry", and that the world had become very "digital-driven". The singer said that although a traditional record label could support her with more money, an independent situation better suited her as a non-traditional artist. Milian said when MySpace Records first approached her for a record deal, she was hesitant, but agreed to meet with the company. She found she could be "more real and one-on-one", and do her own thing without being told what to do.[13]

Milian's collaboration with The-Dream led to her signing a record deal with his label, Radio Killa Records.[17] When The-Dream began developing his label, he said he "went looking for [Milian]. I was like, where is she at? I need that person over here. She's talented and she's a good person."[26] In August, Milian confirmed that she had signed a deal with Interscope Records to distribute Elope.[23]


Milian premiered single "Us Against the World" via MySpace on October 6, 2008, and the song made available by digital download the next day. The single was written by Milian and produced by Madd Scientist; Milian described it as a "cinematic power ballad".[12] "Us Against the World" reached number 86 on the Billboard Pop 100 based on downloads alone.[27]

It was initially announced that "Zipper" was the second single[28], but it was later annouced that "I'm a Cheat" had been selected instead.[29][5] Milian later stated that the second single would actually be a duet with The-Dream called "Supersonic", comparable to a collaboration between R Kelly and Aaliyah. Milian described it as "super sexy, like an 'I got this, you got that' kinda vibe".[6] In August 2009, Milian updated, "I'm, like, waiting forever, like, 'When does the single come out?'. I don't even know."[23] In October 2009, Tricky Stewart said that a first single had yet to be chosen.[1]

Recorded songs


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