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Elven Bride
(Erufu no Waka Okusama)
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Original video animation
Director Hiroshi Yamakawa
Studio Pink Pineapple
Released 1995
Episodes 2
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Elven Bride (エルフの若奥様 Erufu no Waka Okusama ?) is a hentai OVA series.


Kenji, a human, and Milfa, an elf, get married, and are the only ones in the church for the wedding except for the minister, due to a high level of general tension and dislike between humans and elves. Soon, however, Kenji and Milfa find their own problems when Kenji discovers while they are making love that Milfa's vagina is no bigger than a belly-button, thus preventing them from having sex and starting a family together. Kenji, however, hears of the mystical Harpy Ooze, a lubricant that may solve their problems.

Kenji sets off to find the Ooze, reluctantly leaving Milfa alone in the elf-hating human town. Milfa, however, earns the respect of the townspeople after saving two children from a rampaging hydra. Kenji, meanwhile, finds the lair of the Harpies: female, angel-like creatures who are known to abduct and rape young men so as to have children. Kenji is captured by the Harpy Princess, Pyulla, who subsequently rapes him. Kenji tries to resist, but is unable to stop himself impregnating her. As a reward, however, Kenji is given a bottle of Harpy Ooze.

Returning home, Kenji and Milfa attempt to have sex again, this time with different positions, but are still unsuccessful. Milfa decides to visit the local gynecologist, without telling Kenji.

Whilst Kenji is away, Milfa goes to the clinic and meets several other women with similar problems. Kenji, meanwhile, returns home and discovers a dead security guard and a stunningly beautiful young woman who turns out to be his grandmother, Mitsuko, a sorceress who steals men's spirits by having sex with them in order to maintain her youthful appearance, and so did it to the security guard. Mitsuko informs Kenji that Milfa has gone to the clinic, and Kenji panics: the owner of the clinic is the infamous, lecherous incubus, Dr. Perio, who is a former friend of Kenji's. Knowing that Perio will try to rape Milfa, Kenji rushes to her rescue with Mitsuko in tow.

Milfa meets Perio, who immediately begins touching her up and undressing the both of them. However, when Milfa suddenly headbutts Perio, it turns out to have been a hallucination he had been planting in both of their minds for sexual pleasure. Kenji suddenly bursts in, ready to kill Perio, but Perio flees from the treatment room until he is ambushed by Mitsuko, who proceeds to rape him and steal his spirit, subsequently killing him.

Kenji and Milfa return home.

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