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Embedded or embedding may refer to:

  • In mathematics, Embedding is one instance of some mathematical object contained within another instance
  • In computers, an Embedded system is a special-purpose system in which the computer is completely encapsulated by the device it controls
  • In computers, embedding media into a text document, forming a compound document
  • Distributed generation, also known as embedded generation or decentralised generation
  • In linguistics, a subordinate clause is sometimes referred to as an embedded clause
  • In linguistics, Center embedding, defines the recursive nesting of an element in the middle of a similar element
  • In building construction, it may refer to a means of providing support or reinforcement, such as structural steel items embedded in a concrete pour
  • In psychology, Self-embedding is an activity in which one pushes items into one's own flesh in order to feel pain
  • Embedded is a song off Job For A Cowboy's second album, Genesis, which was released in 2007.
  • Embedded journalism, working within and under the control of one side's army in a military conflict
  • Embedded (play), by Tim Robbins about embedded journalists covering military conflict in the US-Iraq war
  • Embedded (album), a 2004 album by Mark Seymour


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