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In discussions of Java ME specifications, such as the CDC/CLDC device capability sets and the MIDP profile definition, attention needs to be given to Embedded Java, which additionally requires very specialized, optimized JVMs, and the means to update the installed software and services such as OSGi.

Recent developments in the field are:

  • the Squawk Virtual Machine, a JVM developed by Sun Microsystems and deployed as part of Project Sun SPOT.
  • the JPF line of products, based on JVMs developed by IS2T and deployed in collaboration with microcontrollers makers on several starter kits (AVR32, ARM7, ...)

The principal difference between Embedded Java and the several Java ME configurations is that the former is envisioned for use only in closed systems. That is, Embedded Java is for use in products that cannot be upgraded in the field. All of the Java code in these embedded systems is contained in flash memory. Thus the only class libraries that need to be present are the very methods and fields actually used by the Java application code; all the rest can be pre-stripped from the statically linked executable.

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