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Emilie Flygare-Carlén

Emilie Flygare-Carlén (née Smith; August 8, 1807, Strömstad – February 5, 1892, Stockholm) was a Swedish novelist.

Emilie Smith grew up in the archipelago of Bohuslän, daughter of a merchant. At the age of twenty, she married a local physician, Axel Flygare, but was widowed in 1833. She moved to Stockholm some years later, and in 1841 she married the lawyer and publicist Johan Gabriel Carlén. She is best known by the hyphenated name Flygare-Carlén.

Her first novel, Valdemar Klein, was published in 1838. In that and several later novels, such as Rosen på Tistelön, Pål Värning, Enslingen på Johannisskäret, Jungfrutornet, and Ett köpmanshus i skärgården, she wrote about life in the archipelago and the sea, while the stories of novels such as Fosterbröderna, Fideikommisset, Ett år, En nyckfull kvinna, Kamrer Lassman, and Vindskuporna take place in the middle or upper classes.

She was translated into Danish, Norwegian, German, Russian, French, English, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and Czech, and was the most widely spread Swedish novelist of her time.

In 2007, Valancourt books released a new scholarly English edition of The Magic Goblet (Kyrkoinvigningen i Hammarby, 1841), edited by Amy H. Sturgis.


  • Waldemar Klein (1838)
  • Representanten (1839)
  • Gustaf Lindorm (1839)
  • Professorn och hans skyddslingar (1840)
  • Fosterbröderna (1840)
  • Kyrkoinvigningen i Hammarby (1841)
  • Skjutsgossen (1841)
  • Rosen på Tistelön. Berättelse från skärgården (1842)
  • Kamrer Lassman (1842)
  • Fideikommisset (1844)
  • Pål Värning: En skärgårdsynglings äventyr (1844)
  • Vindskuporna (1845)
  • Bruden på Omberg (1845)
  • Enslingen på Johannisskäret: Kustroman (1846)
  • Ett år (1846)
  • En natt vid Bullarsjön (1847)
  • Jungfrutornet (1848)
  • En nyckfull kvinna (1848-49)
  • Romanhjältinnan (1849)
  • Familjen i dalen (1849)
  • Ett rykte (1850)
  • Förmyndaren (1851)
  • Ett köpmanshus i skärgården (1860-61)
  • Stockholmsscener bakom kulisserna (1864)
  • Skuggspel (1865)
  • Minnen av svenskt författarliv 1840-1860 (1878)
  • Efterskörd (1888)




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