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Emmanuelle Béart
Born Emmanuelle Béhart-Hasson
14 August 1963 (1963-08-14) (age 46)
St. Tropez, France
Other name(s) Emmanuelle Est
Years active 1972–present
Spouse(s) Daniel Auteuil (1993–1998)
Michael Cohen (2008–present)

Emmanuelle Béart (born 14 August 1963[1]) is a French film actress.


Early life

Béart was born Emmanuelle Béhart-Hasson in St. Tropez (some sources say Gassin), on the French Riviera, the daughter of Geneviève Galéa, a former model, and Guy Béart, a singer and poet.[2] Beart's mother is of Greek,[3] Maltese,[4] and Croatian descent,[5][6] and her father is from a Jewish family[7][8] - of Spanish,[9] Swiss, and Russian ancestry.[10]

At age 15, her parents sent her to Montreal, Canada, where she learned English for a few years.[11]


Béart obtained an acting role in the 1976 film Tomorrow's Children. In her teens she appeared in bit parts in television then went to Montreal, Canada to work as a nanny before returning to France the following year to attend drama school in Paris. A short time later she was cast in her first adult role in a film, and in 1986 she achieved fame with her role opposite Yves Montand, in the film Manon des Sources. For her performance, she won the 1987 César Award for "Best Supporting Actress". She also won a "Best Actress" award at the Moscow International Film Festival for her starring role in the 1995 film, A French Woman.

In addition to her award for Best Supporting Actress, she has also been nominated for 7 César Awards for Most Promising Actress and Best Actress in the following performances:

Nomination for César Award for Most Promising Actress

  • 1985 — A Strange Passion
  • 1986 — Love on the Quiet

Nomination for César Award for Best Actress

On May 2003, Béart, aged 40, appeared nude with a younger man for the French magazine Elle[12] and as of 2007, it is still the magazine's biggest-selling issue ever.

Personal life

Béart in 2004

After the mid-1980s relationship with Daniel Auteuil (her co-star in Love on the Quiet, Manon des Sources, A Heart in Winter and A French Woman), they married in 1993 but divorced in 1998. Béart was also romantically linked to music producer David Moreau (since c. 1995)[11] and film producer Vincent Meyer (two years until his suicidal death on May 2003)[12]. She has two children Nelly Auteuil (c. 1993–) and Johan Moreau (c. 1996–).[11] Later she re-married.

In addition to her screen work, Béart is also known for her social activism. She is an ambassador for UNICEF, and has made news for her opposition to France's anti-immigration legislation. In 1996, she made headlines when, defending the rights of the "sans-papiers" (illegal immigrants), she was removed after her group’s occupation of a Paris church.



  • Le grand Poucet (1980)
  • Zacharius (1984)
  • Raison perdue (1984)
  • La femme de sa vie (1986)
  • Et demain viendra le jour (1986)
  • Les jupons de la révolution (1 episode, 1989)
  • D'Artagnan et les trois mousquetaires (2005)
  • Au siècle de Maupassant: Contes et nouvelles du XIXème siècle (1 episode, 2009)


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