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Emotional conflict is the presence in the subconscious of different and opposing emotions relating to a situation that has recently taken place or is in the process of being unfolded, accompanied at times by a physical discomfort and in particular by tension headaches.[citation needed]



These inner emotional conflicts can sometimes result in physical discomfort or pain, often in the form of tension headaches, the duration of which can range from a few minutes to days and in some cases even months, but would normally be a few hours. These tension headaches can be episodic or chronic, with episodic normally occurring less than 15 days a month, and chronic occurring 15 day or more a month and sometimes stretching over a few months. The pain associated with Tension headaches is normally mild to moderate, but can be severe.[citation needed]

Possible remedy

Physical discomfort or pain without apparent cause is the way our body is telling us of an underlying emotional turmoil and anxiety. One way of dealing with such physical manifestations is by becoming aware of the real life conflict that triggered them. While it is not easy, and at times might even seem impossible, by relaxing, calming down, and trying to find out what recent experience or event could have been the cause of our inner conflict, by bringing these underlying conflict to our awareness, by rationally looking at and dealing with the conflicting desires and needs, a gradual dissipation and relief of the pain is possible.[citation needed]

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  • Modern Madness", Douglas LaBier : The Hidden Link Between Work and Emotional Conflict

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