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Emperor Entertainment Group
Founded 1986
Founder Albert Yeung
Genre Cantopop
Country of origin Hong Kong (SAR)
Location Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Official Website
Emperor Entertainment Group
Traditional Chinese 英皇娛樂集團有限公司

Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG SEHK: 8078) is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong. Established in Wan Chai in 1986, along with Music Icon Entertainment Limited and Emperor Motion Picture Group, EEG operates under the major conglomerate Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG).



EEG was founded by a well-known wealthy businessman in Hong Kong, Albert Yeung. A division of Emperor Motion Picture Group, JCE Movies Limited is a film production and distribution company co-founded by Hong Kong star, Jackie Chan and Albert Yeung.

Many EEG artists are popular among Hong Kong youngsters nowadays; some examples include Twins, Raymond Lam, and Joey Yung. In the beginning, EEG was only involved in CD and DVD publishing; however, they have since diversified their business to include movie production and concert organization.


EEG is involved in a variety of businesses, which include concert organization, CD and DVD publishing, advertisements, movies, etc. It also owns EEG Showroom, which sells artist-related merchandise including signature notebooks and accessories. It also displays a range of special products not for sale.

EEG artists
Music Plus artists
Music Icon artists

Related criminal incidents

  • In 2001, comedian Shi Ho Leung (梁思浩) was attacked by triads after he did an impression of singer Joey Yung. In 2002, comedian Eric Tsang (曾志偉) needed stitches after he was attacked for ridiculing Joey Yung. Both Joey Yung and Albert Yeung (the owner of the music record company) were arrested by the police.
  • In 2003, Albert Yeung was again under investigation by the ICAC, along with Hong Kong singer Juno Mak, for allegedly bribing TVB for the Jade solid gold awards.[1][2] As many as 30 people were arrested in connection with corrupt allegations with preferential treatment of singers and controlling the music billboards.

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