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Emperor Seimu
13th Emperor of Japan
Reign legendary
Born legendary
Died legendary
Buried Saki no Tatanami no Misasagi (Nara)
Predecessor Emperor Keikō
Successor Emperor Chūai

Emperor Seimu (成務天皇, Seimu-tennō ?); also known as Wakatarashihiko no Sumeramikoto; was the 13th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.[1] Emperor Seimu is considered by most historians to be a legendary figure, and the name Seimu Tennō was assigned to him posthumously by later generations.


Legendary narrative

No firm dates can be assigned to this emperor's life or reign. Seimu is regarded by historians as a "legendary emperor" because of the paucity of information about him, which does not necessarily imply that no such person ever existed. There is insufficient material available for further verification and study. If Seimu did exist, there is no evidence to suggest that the title tennō was used during the time period to which his reign has been assigned. It is much more likely that he was a chieftain, or local clan leader, and the polity he ruled would have only encompassed a small portion of modern day Japan.[2]

Although the final resting place of this legendary sovereign remains unknown, it is believed to be located within the ambit of the former Yamato Province.[3] Seimu's officially designated Imperial misasagi or tomb can be visited today at Misasagi-cho, Nara City.[4]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Emperor Keikō
Legendary Emperor of Japan
(traditional dates)
Succeeded by
Emperor Chūai


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