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Empire Football League
EFL logo.jpg
Empire Football League logo
Sport American football
Founded 1969
No. of teams 9 (6 active)
Country(ies)  United States
Most recent champion(s) Quebec Titans
Official website Official Site

The Empire Football League (EFL) is a semi-professional American football league that operates franchises based primarily in New York and Pennsylvania. The league has been in existence since 1969.

Since 1969, there have been many franchises that have come and gone and have existed in many other locations besides New York and Pennsylvania, including Vermont, Connecticut, Quebec, and Ontario. Its direct competitor is the Northeastern Football Alliance, which covers much of the same territory (although the EFL covers eastern parts of New York while the NFA covers more western and urban areas). Several teams have bounced between the EFL and NFA.

The league attempts to promote football at an amateur level and does help to prepare players who desire to play organized Football at a national or international level. Historically, the league's most dominant team has been the Scranton Eagles who have won a record 11 championships, 10 of those coming between the years 1982 and 1994.

The league isn't what it once was and in fact trails behind other leagues in NY. The NAFL Empire division contains the former EFL powerhouse Glens Falls. The bigger NFA dominates the nation scene.


Franchises (as of 2009)




  • Amsterdam Zephyrs
  • Scranton Eagles
  • Joliette Jaguars (previously known as Ottawa Deacon Demons)


Year Champion team Defeated team
1969 Hudson Falls Greenjackets (no game)
1970 Tri-Cities Jets Hudson Vikings
1971 Lackawanna County Eagles (9-1-0) Tri-Cities Jets (9-1-0), 26 to 13 (@ Scranton, 10/30/71)
1972 Tri-Cities Jets (10-0-0) Lackawanna County Eagles (8-2-0) (@ Binghamton)
1973 Oneonta Indians (no game)
1974 Glove Cities Colonials (no game)
1975 Oneonta Indians Albany Metro Mallers
1976 Hudson Falls Greenjackets Albany Metro Mallers
1977 Troy Uncle Sammies Glove Cities Colonials
1978 Troy Uncle Sammies Hudson Falls Greenjackets
1979 Albany Metro Mallers Troy Uncle Sammies
1980 Watertown Red & Black Troy Uncle Sammies
1981 Binghamton Jets Glens Falls Greenjackets
1982 Scranton Eagles Glens Falls Greenjackets
1983 Scranton Eagles Glens Falls Greenjackets
1984 Scranton Eagles Glens Falls Greenjackets
1985 Syracuse Express Glens Falls Greenjackets
1986 Scranton Eagles Syracuse Express
1987 Scranton Eagles Albany Metro Mallers
1988 Scranton Eagles Ottawa Bootleggers
1989 Albany Metro Mallers Scranton Eagles
1990 Scranton Eagles Albany Metro Mallers
1991 Scranton Eagles Montreal Voyaguers
1992 Newburgh Raiders Scranton Eagles
1993 Newburgh Raiders Scranton Eagles
1994 Scranton Eagles Newburgh Raiders
1995 Newburgh Raiders Syracuse Storm
1996 Newburgh Raiders Columbia County Colts
1997 Binghamton Jets Capitaland Thunder
1998 Kingston Panthers Connecticut Chiefs
1999 Scranton Eagles Kingston Panthers
2000 Syracuse Vipers Scranton Eagles
2001 Syracuse Vipers Scranton Eagles
2002 Orange County Bulldogs Glen Falls Greenjackets
2003 Glens Falls Greenjackets Watertown Red & Black
2004 Glens Falls Greenjackers Albany Metro Mallers
2005 Albany Metro Mallers 33 Orange County Bulldogs 0
2006 Albany Metro Mallers 39 Watertown Red & Black 0
2007 Vermont Ice Storm 9 Watertown Red & Black 8
2008 Quebec Titans 12 Vermont Ice Storm 10

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