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Empire of Sports
Developer(s) F4
Publisher(s) Empire of Sports
Distributor(s) Empire of Sports
Version Prologue
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) TBC
Genre(s) Sports MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Media Free download

Empire of Sports is an online multisport MMORPG developed by the French company F4, that advertises itself as the first ever of that style. It was first demo-ed at the Leipzig Games Convention in August 2007 and is currently in a so-called Prologue phase which objectives are similar to a beta testing. It's downloadable and playable for free, although one can already spend money on the title. The release date hasn't been confirmed yet.



Currently in its "Prologue" phase, Empire of Sports combines the depth of role-play and the competitive dynamics of sports games in an ambitious (including technically) persistent world, where players can meet in real time from all over the world and play sports together.

The player controls a single character, or avatar, which they play with through the game. This is capable of increasing in ability with playing. This means that the avatar will get better at playing the sports as the game progresses.

The following sports are currently available for competitive play (friendly and official mode): football, tennis, skiing, basketball, bobsleigh and track & field. There is also a series of training/fitness games. There are plans for this list to be expanded post-launch.


More than a game, Empire of Sports is a sports platform. It's been designed to echo the major real life sports events around the world and provide all sports fans an extended space to share and live their passion.

Empire of Sports is meant to grow more and more alive, with the constant addition of new sports, clubs, sportsmen, competitions, sport events, sport brands…


The player are able to compete against AI (artificial intelligence) controlled characters or other players. For team sports they can team up with AI or other players as well.

Players are able to form their own teams and clubs, and tournaments and competitions are organized.

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